gemGems are forever and so is the love they are bound to. When the groom gives a diamond studded ring to his fiancée, it’s meant for much more than the price he paid for it. They’re about to start a new life and this ring is meant to be the symbol of their love. So it must be perfect and nothing less than that. But have you ever gone for buying one for yourself or your friend? Let me tell you, it’s one of the most difficult tasks God has asked the humans to do. This is your only chance (hopefully) to buy a ring for your love and this one can’t go wrong. Most of the times the bride’s not along and therefore it becomes more difficult to determine if it’ll suit her finger or not. Even if you know about the girl you’re in love with, you know nothing about these stones. So you want to some expertise?

Well if your answer is yes, then let me take you straight to the experts and they are present at Gemsize ( Gemsize is a web application which allows you to compare any two rings with your choice of gems. You can also go for a single gem. There are around 30 kinds of different gems to choose from in 33 different colours. After you’re done with these selections, select the size of the gem and you’ll be presented a picture of a finger wearing the ring. You can change the colour of finger and its size as well. You can change the ring size as well at the same time. So customize these options to match your fiancée and you’ll get a nice look if the ring will suit her or not.

The comparison window helps you to clear any doubts if you’ve more than one choices. Compare them all one by one and you’ll certainly find the right one. Apart from this animation, there’s a lot to know about each gem. There is a list of technical aspects of each gem and there are some interesting facts as well such as Diamond is a birthstone for the month of April. So after examining two gems at this website, you can’t have any doubts left in your mind.

Though you can find an answer to every question regarding the gems at this place, there is one exception. This web application doesn’t refer any trustable merchant online or offline whom you can buy your favourite ring from. It isn’t any limitation but more of an absence of a plus point. If someone comes visiting this website, then it’s mostly for deciding the gem and not for buying one. But if he gets to know about a dealer with a better price, it’ll surely add to his joy. But still, this app does what it says and you should certainly take this expert’s advice.

Pros: well-demonstrated animation with customization; lots of choices of gems; technical aspects of each gem; compare two gems; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this web app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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