Want to find a great way to manage properties? Tallyzip has the right tools designed to shorten time and work less in order to keep track of the finances as well as other aspects of your properties. Tallyzip provides real business finance with a great interactive interface which you would probably see in many expensive programs, providing you with great service on any computer at any time. One of the things we have noticed about Tallyzip is that all your properties can be seen at a glance along with pricing, rooms and bathrooms, and the units available for sale. Whether you’re experienced or just starting out on the job, Tallyzip can give you the advantage over the rest.

Another great service that Tallyzip provides is a great way to check out major details such as task management. Tallyzip allows notes, comments and collaboration within your group, promoting communication without having to schedule an unnecessary meeting. Task management can be as easy as a one-time setup which allows you to monitor who is doing their job while on your computer. You can also view your own tasks without any hassle, allowing you to have everyone’s tasks accessible for reference.

Communication within your team can be achieved easily through property based maintenance tasks which allow you to see the tasks based on importance. You will never miss a task on Tallyzip and you can access them using search filters as well if you would like to narrow your options. You are also able to submit estimate requests to vendors instantly through this application. While you are searching for tasks, you can also see the status of that task along with a comment area where you can provide feedback easily.

Data is easily collected through this web application and portrayed as graphs that include dates, income, and loss along with other data you may need. All this information is stored on company records which are provided to easily access the information you need whenever you want to provide it. Payments should always be on time and Tallyzip provides instant invoicing. Even when you think that you are too busy to send the invoices, you can get paid sooner. All it requires is an easy access to Tallyzip and, within minutes, you will have your invoices ready and sent. Say goodbye to Quickbooks because the invoices are automatically added into your books and, if you receive payment, you will also have those in as well.

Be sure to include your logo in your invoices to make them look professional and it is easy to upload. All you need to do is drag and drop and, in the near future, you will be able to design templates and custom CSS as well. Accounting is fairly easy for people who are experienced with Excel and other services. With Tallyzip, you can view and export financial reports about income statement, balance sheets and cash flow.

Need a business contacts for a certain project and you don’t know them? Tallyzip keeps a complete list of business contacts which include names and other relevant contact information which allow you to search within your company and effectively complete your project. So the pricing can be arranged by the number of users that you will have on the company profile. There is a free service for people who are starting their own business and would like to manage them on their own. Pricing can go up to $139 a month and there is a free 30 day trial on any package for people to try this application without any credit card information, so there is really nothing to lose.

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