If you haven’t explored the amazing realm of fun, There is Yangutu. Yangutu is an amazing application in facebook. This application is based on a dating application, purely for a purpose for romance, friendship, dating and love. If you are leading a life of that of a recluse here you are on the right place. Yangutu FB Dating app allows you to integrate with people with more or less same interests, world- wide.

With the use of an entire background of white color with a similar purpose for paid online dating application, the application matches with that of a well known site called Badoo. But that does not stop Yangutu to be a pioneer itself. With its own unique development it is has become an upcoming threat for many other applications in the market. Oh yes! An upcoming threat for sure. It is really that good.

The registration part is extremely easy. I am sure you all know how to register in applications like this. For those of you under confusion, let me draw you to conclusion. All you have to do is just feed in your login details like, username, email id, gender etc. Try to fill in the correct details and of course upload your profile picture. I am sure all of you would load the best you have. After all it is a dating application. Jokes apart, this is the easiest process for step one.

One thing you must keep in mind each photo uploaded should be in total up to 10mb. That should give you an approximate measure of 10 to 20 photos. I am sure you will enjoy uploading!

You can browse and search for your own taste here. This part is exciting; I know you all might have an adrenalin rush. As per all the other ordinary dating applications, searching isn’t all that fun. But here it is amazing. You can search according to your own tastes likes and dislikes. An inspiration as I proclaim, because it has gained popularity in quite less time. Sheer hard work and dedication, I believe.

Messaging here is another good feature like any other dating application. Messaging seems very important, which Yangutu offers. They have offline and online messaging options unlike many other applications. You can send winks further such smiles through this domain. Now, wow that is good indeed!

If you want to send virtual flowers that might cost you $3, for 100 coins similarly 225 for $6, 550 coins for $15, 1250 coins for $30 and 2750 coins for $60. I am sure you can buy and spend according to your needs. All these tiny and cute little virtual gifts might make your date, partner or friend very happy. Are you ready to send one? I always liked these cute little gifts right from childhood and wow with the advancement of science and technology I have them at my fingertips. Sounds and further feels nice.

This Facebook application also provides features like online dating tips, blog, articles and forum. These are very interesting parts of Yangutu. Like match.com’s registration process and POF’s chemistry test, Yangutu has features like” soulmate”. These are all healthy online dating features.

These are the key facts of the new dating application Yangutu. The member base here is around 844,307 registered members. Now, that is quite a number isn’t it? I like this application a lot. This application has benefitted me to quite a level. You can opt for this application absolutely free of cost. I believe if you think much you might miss out on all the fun. So folks just go for it.

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Have a look at their official site and find your partner – Yangutu Dating App Here.