Managing your business and other forms of communication in your office or organization can be a very hard task. You need constant contact for a proper decision making procedure, correction or improvement of mistakes needs to be immediate to counter losses. Problems need to be solved with discussion and coordination and besides these, many other tasks are supposed to be carried out when you are trying to manage the company. The world has gone online and internet has become the solution to most of the problems in any field and thus, the field of up-to-the-mark managing is also not left behind and can be handled by the different cloud software. One such great software is the TeamWox which helps in organizing your workplace problems and issues and gives you complete control over them.

TeamWox collaboration software is especially designed for effective business management can handle all the office management and production issues with the help of its different modules that provide solutions for all the workplace components. It also facilitates a one stop communication in between employers and employees.


  • This software is known for providing solutions by giving out certain different modules that cover almost all your problems. These include handling your tasks, reports, managing human resource of your company, document management and others.
  • Besides these features, TeamWox also provides solutions to communication issues that are faced by companies while coordinating with each other. It helps you manage client emails, provide online chat facilities, handles IP Phone Systems, Service Desk facilities, and is also capable of managing forums and corporate search engines.
  • The software, apart from handling your inside coordination issues, also helps you work with you clients in a manner that is much more efficient and easy. This happens as the software provides the provision of turning multiple client databases into one and the employees in various sectors do not need to add the information of the same client, again and again. It also helps in monitoring the level of the services that are being provided by the company to its clients.
  • As TeamWox organizes your management problems and caters to easy communication, it helps in cutting down costs very effectively. It saves time and effort and makes things much easier for the employees, thereby increasing their work efficiency and productivity.
  • The TeamWox software provides its new users, the trial version that helps them decide if this software is effective enough and useful for their company.


TeamWox software is an online database, client and other workplace tasks management software which helps its users to streamline and facilitate an effective management of office issues. This cloud based software makes sure that the organization in which it is being used becomes more productive and can also save more time with the help of its coordination applications provided to the workers.

Good: TeamWox, by providing its services, makes the work environment much simpler and less chaotic. It helps you manage your business better.

Bad: Paid versions of the software are very expensive. When working on the system, every employee of the company has to be completely dependent on it.

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