As Windows has never been a major success in smartphones, Android and iOS have been battling for several years now. The iPhone, when it came out, was possibly the best smartphone in the world. Android, on the other hand, has received a lot of success since it came out and with different manufacturers using the Android OS; it still is the most successful OS in the smartphone market. The iOS is different and unique which is why a lot of people like it, however, Android is a better operating system overall. Here are some of the reasons why Android is still better than iOS.

Firstly, Android simply has a better User Interface. It is really easy to use and navigate through an Android powered phone and with the recent updates to ICS and Jelly Bean, the UI has further improved. From basic multitasking to several buttons on the phone, Android has it all. The iPhone only has the home button while you can multitask on Android using the physical buttons on the phone. Apart from that, the back buttons on most Android phones make it really easy for people to go back while using different applications.

Secondly, widgets are probably the most liked feature about Android. The home screens are highly customizable and you can put several widgets on different home screens on the phone. Widgets are a great way of getting information and taking actions right from the home screen. There are widgets available for switching between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. and you can do all these things right from the home screen.  All the iPhone has is icons on the screen on different pages.

The notifications menu has also been one of the strengths of Android and is another popular feature amongst users. There is absolutely no better OS other than Androdi where managing notifications has been so easy. You can view messages, emails and missed calls using the drop down notifications menu while being able to clear these notifications at the same time.

Keyboard input is also better and easier on the Android OS. With advanced Google dictionaries, you can easily choose and complete the word using spelling suggestions. With the iPhone, you can either turn the Autocorrect feature off or can ruin text messages by the wrong autocorrect words. The suggestions that Android gives are accurate and you don’t need to choose those unless you want to unlike the iOS.

Browsing is another strong point of the Android OS. Safari is the only decent browser available for iPhone and it still lacks flash support. You can only view videos from several supported sites on the iOS compared to a full browsing experience on the Android with no limitations. Connecting to a computer has been the worse on the iPhone as you need to have iTunes in order to sync your data on the phone. You cannot drag and drop files on to the phone and the only way of getting data on the iPhone is to sync using the iTunes. Many users are frustrated with this as it takes a lot of time and is really annoying. On Android phones, you can easily drag and drop files to your phone’s SD card.