The toughest part of running a website is SEO and when you have a tool for it, you can easily manage things. To be in pace with the competition and to keep up with the latest SEO developments, you need a handy tool. One awesome tool that helped improve my rankings on all search engines and keep me equipped with all the necessities for success is the Serptimizer. 

It is an SEO tool that helps users to manage their websites. Serptimizer offers the complete tool guide to take you through the entire process of SEO. They help you with adding and removing keywords in the rank tracker, track the backlinks for your website and your opponents, SEO audit the website, and do so much more. Not only this, but you can also get the guideline to perform crawling, indexing, on-page, and off-page SEO, URLs and so much more. When you use this tool, you will be able to keep all your SEO-related worries at bay. 

Serptimizer supports multilingual websites. The app analyses your performance and gives the necessary analytics that can help you improve the website. It completely looks into the keywords you use and help you to identify the performance of your website on the user device, search engine, and location. It helps you analyze the backlinks that are potential and helps improve the visibility. Serptimizer generates reports that can be customized according to our brand and they can even be exported and sent to customers. 

The app is so easy to use with a neat interface. Users will be notified through email or web dashboard in case there are any errors in the website. It helps you to easily monitor things with ease and you do not have to keep on watching your website all the time. Serptimizer offers its users a 14-day free trial where users can register with their username, email and make use of it and get unlimited access to all the premium features. Once the trial gets over, users can get the website audits with no signup fees, hidden costs, or commitments. 

Serptimizer has three different plans namely, the free, basic, and professional that come with a price of € 0.00, € 9.99, and € 19.99 per month respectively that come as annual packages. There are also monthly packages that are available for the same app as well. Each of these plans comes with different projects, keyword trackers, backlinks, links prospectors, and so on. This internet company is highly active on Facebook and you can follow them there to get more insights.

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