Over the years, everyone in the globe seems to be appreciating what Sweden’s largest marketplace for loans namely Lendify has to offer for users. More importantly this Lendify is regarded to be the largest peer to peer lending platform in Sweden.

They efficaciously operate a marketplace platform that wholly connects borrowers with investors – without the involvement of banks or credit card companies. They also offer better terms for borrowers and solid returns for investors. So by efficiently connecting borrowers with investors, they aim to create a better economy for everyone.

Lendify immensely connects borrowers with investors

It is good to note that since 2014 Lendify have lent more than 1 billion SEK to borrowers, with a growth rate of 350 percent between July 2017 and June 2018. They are Sweden’s largest online marketplace for peer to peer lending. Their powerful marketplace offers borrowers access to personal loans with better terms, investor’s access to consumer credit to diversify their investment portfolios, and earn competitive returns.

Key solid returns for investors

The users can come across many options than savings account with little or no interest, and the unpredictable stock market. Lendify expediently makes it possible to use the business model of traditional banks by investing capital in personal loans for creditworthy borrowers and get 4-6 % in yearly return. They also widely offer an established type of asset with stable history and predictable credit losses.

You can also come across solid credit assessment is the cornerstone in the operations of Lendify. Moreover they only allow credit worthy private individuals to borrow money through their platform.

Invest with Lendify and become your own bank

By primarily using Lendify one can use the banks model and lend your money to credit worthy borrowers. They also cut the middlemen and create better conditions for both borrowers and investors. As a result everybody wins – besides the bank.

  • You can use Auto invest to receive a good diversification without doing the work
  • Monthly down-payments
  • Reinvest payments to maximize your return

Also enumerated that you can avail of personal loans up to 500 000 kr and possible to apply online in just 2 minutes and get an instant offer.

  • Lower your interest rate over time
  • Personal loans with a simple application
  • Instant disbursement New kind of loan for borrowers

So by efficaciously cutting out the middle men and bypassing many of the traditional banking costs Lendify can offer good rates for borrowers. They also offer completely digital application process, which is fast, transparent and flexible. Moreover they also offer unique loyalty program Lendify expediently rewards which actually lowers the borrower’s interest rate when paying back on time. It is also enumerated that Lendify increases lending by 236 percent and expediently takes in 400 million will be lent out to borrowers. In conclusion Lendify is regarded to be beneficial, unique, and they’re absolutely great at expanding their salient features.

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