Do you love greeting people on special occasions? It can be anything like a birthday party, promotion, retirement or it can even be the “Get well soon” message for someone who is recovering at the hospital. Instead of sending a traditional cardboard card that would end up nowhere, Firacard is something that would fit this era of technology. Firacard is a web application that assists you to send group cards to your beloved.

Firacard works with just three quick steps. All that you must do is to make a blank board and get creative as you want. Users can make a background of their own and details of the people they want to celebrate. It can be anyone in the family. All that you must do is select a background and give celebrant details. The board can then be shared with other people so they can add their wishes too. People can include messages, photos, GIFs and videos. Finally, your wish will be delivered to that one special person as a group card. 

By using Firacard you not only bring a twist to the traditional means of wishing but also become economic friendly. We do know that not all cards are maintained as a precious one. Most of them end in the garbage a few days later. When you send 2500 messages on a group card it is obvious that we save a tree. This climate-conscious solution creates a bigger impact on the environment. 

Firacard is easy to make and is worth the time and money you spend. The app has three boards: Free, Premium and Infinity. The Premium board comes for a price of $5.99 and the Infinity board comes for $19.99 with more added benefits. The Free Board helps you to add 15 Posts, messages and photos, add free backgrounds, view and deliver the board online. Users can download the board as a poster and keep it forever as a memory on their mobile or PC. This way, you save a lot of space and eliminate the paper clutter. People can upgrade to a different plan anytime later. This lets you include more and more people and make the event more special. Be it big or small, relationships become more meaningful with Firacard. 

Firacard is one simple, convenient and nice means to connect with people on special occasions. It can be anything from office occasions, birthdays, weddings anniversaries and others, Firacard is one size fits for all.