Scraping SERPs is a time consuming task and requires a lot of background work to be done. When you get the help of APIs, this task becomes easier. An API is something that crawls into different databases, services or assets and delivers you the results you want. A perfect API gives all the necessary elements for a programmer to build or develop software or websites. A programmer understands the benefits of using an API and SERP API is something that helps you to get Google search results with ease.

The SERP API or serpproxy is the fastest Google search API that assists you to scrape Google search engine results pages in real time without any hassles. This API makes scraping much easier and it brings ultrafast search results. You are free to try it by entering the keyphrase, location, domain and language and see the sample SERP results you obtain on the website A list of search parameters can be found on the complete documentation of the API. A large number of search parameters and selectable values are included in the SERP API.

The features and benefits of using a SERP API are many. Serpproxy provides the fast scraping services in the industry. The results are highly accurate and highly scalable irrespective of the request volume. The proxy also helps you obtain location based geo located search engine results. All the results are delivered in an easily readable JSON format. has now become a part of the famous The team has different plans to tailor the needs of the clients. The plans are small, medium, large and very large with number of requests/month, unlimited support, HTTPS encryption and service level agreement. The plans chosen can be upgraded, downgraded or altered according to our preferences. You can also sign up for a free plan with minimal functionalities.

The advantage of using SERP API is that they charge you only for valid responses. The volume set for your usage is not affected by invalid responses. They also attend to the user queries as and when you drop them a line through their contact form or email. Their customer service and performance are of very high standards. Serpproxy accepts all common payment methods, including credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express). You can send your feature requests to the team and the they will consider to incorporate it into the product roadmap. When it comes to scraping Google search results, serpproxy will be your ultimate solution.

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