Well I am not going to give you the answer, but will be sharing with you the 5 important aspects that you should know about creating applications for iPhone, which are approved by iTunes and Apple store, and can be officially stored. I am not going to talk about the applications that are available for those jailbroken phones. Let us learn how one can turn out to be a successful iOS Application Development Entrepreneur.

1. You do not have to develop your own iPhone applications:

All you need is ideas to develop applications and if you have innovative ideas, you do not need knowledge to develop applications. You can always hire people to develop applications. They can do the process of developing applications by bringing your ideas into reality much faster than you could. There are also companies that develop successful applications based on your ideas and give you the intellectual royalty out of the income generated from the application. This will help you to develop more application quickly done than you can conceptualize them!

2. Any application could turn out to be a success story!

This is really surprising to find out why applications fail, when the probability of any application to be a success, if prepared within the guidelines of Apple or iTunes store. This is actually a matter of luck of getting your application approved and is the trick involved in telling how your application in novel.

3. Getting your application made and approved by Apple or iTunes is only crossing half the battlefield:

Getting your ideas developed into an application and getting your application approved is not the end of the journey of making money using your application. There is the promotional part to be done, which will involve marketing of your application to reach the target audience, so that you will start generating an income out of the application. You need to get your application optimized for the iTunes search engine.

4. It takes time to create an iPhone application:

The difficult part of monetizing using your iPhone application is the process of making your ideas into a reality, that is, the making of the iPhone application. The good thing about this is that the moment you have your idea, get started, and you can improve on your ideas as you create and test your application. Honestly believe me, when I decided to create one application for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog, it took me around 3 months. This may take more time than the time that you need to wait for approval from Apple or iTunes or why not, may be longer than the time taken for reaching the wide and varied audience.

5. Free apps are profitable:

When you develop iPhone applications for money you will find that the number of downloads is much lesser, and the applications that are on the top of the list are mostly the free applications. Even, if you sell an application free, you could still monetize by using moneymaking techniques like giving space for placing ads on your website, which will earn revenue. Since these application websites will be viewed more often, very often the amount of money that you could make out of these websites are higher than selling applications for a price.

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