Gone are the days when cloud computing is used to reduce resource usage. Nowadays the implementation of cloud computing brings in variety of features to the existing systems. Zipwhip is one such application where cloud computing is used in a wider scale to incorporate better texting experience across different platforms. Zipwhip supports you to text from Android device or from Web or from your desktop. Though these three versions provide the similar feature, they have sync between the environments as they use a cloud computing mechanism.

Zipwhip is well integrated to work on all android devices to enhance a cross platform experience. Zipwhip is available in Google play store for free of cost. Zipwhip will be a better replacement for your mobile’s texting app. Its cross functional cloud computing feature is the biggest advantage of this app. All you need to have is a US mobile number and an android enabled device.  This android app doesn’t provide any special texting plan for its users but it uses the existing texting plan and data plan of your mobile service provider.

If you have android 1.6 and above in your device then you are good enough to use this app. Just install this app in your android tablet or phone. You will be prompted to register an account with any US mobile number. Once you have registered then you are all set to experience the fun behind the application. This application doesn’t charge any additional cost for the transfer of messages but it uses your existing data plan and messaging plan. If you have an international texting plan then you can use this app for sending international messages without any additional charge. Zipwhip gives a freedom from mobile devices to all its users with its cloud synchronized messaging feature. Yes it not only allows you to send message from the android app, you can also perform the same features through web version and desktop version as well. The key feature about this is it maintains sync between all three different versions.

Zipwhip android app has a unique and simple user interface. It’s very easy for anyone to understand the functionality of this app and its design is not much complex. It doesn’t have a fancy interface but a simple one to serve the purpose of this app. Zipwhip breaks the dependency of using a mobile device. Once you register your mobile number, it doesn’t matter whether you have your mobile device with you are not. If you have any internet enabled device or any desktop computer then you can easily communicate to the world in the same manner as you do with your phone. If you have sent any message from your desktop device, then the sync feature will make that message available in your mobile device as well. This is where the cloud computing plays it’s part. It even maintains sync between the contacts you add and delete in any of the three version of app.On the whole this free android app serves its purpose for free in a professional manner.

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