As the globe’s most familiar social magazine, Flipboard adeptly admits readers to keep up with all the latest topics, news, and events they primarily care about, from one single place. Thereby based on the user’s interest, the platform actively brings news and stories from around the globe together in a kind of magazine format.

Moreover, this Flipboard user can follow their favourite sources and save stories, images, and valid videos into their own Flipboard magazines to read later or share with others. Flipboard is one of the top examples of PWA for online news. The major social aspect of the platform really does make it special compared to simply reading articles on the original website; it primarily feels like being part of the quality community.

The PWA minimizes data usage to actually deliver a slick and fast browsing experience, in an attractive interface. Thereby until the launch of their PWA, Flipboard was a mobile app, which only illustrates on mobile devices. Hence, now the PWA permits Flipboard to professionally deliver a similar experience to their fully-featured native app on the web, immensely making it available for desktop users as well.

Parents require knowing that Flipboard is a website that permits global users to develop their own acumen print-style online magazines utilizing content from the Web. They could bookmark any page and add it to their magazine, which wholly ends up being a collage of several web pages on the same subject.

They are fun and it’s really best used on a tablet or phone or the Web version. On the benefit side, they can’t deliberately search for swear words, or other inappropriate content, so they’re actually less likely to come across it. Flipboard best mission is to advance conversation through some important and influential stories that not only keep people actively informed but also greatly inspire them to engage, learn and lead. They have professionally built a curated experience with a plurality of voices, where passionate people could find pragmatic stories on any interest, investing in their lives and their focused passions.

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