Brain Meltdown is a trivia question ios game which requires the gamer to answer a certain number of questions till the questions are exhausted.

I suppose it is called brain meltdown because it truly exhausts your brain in thinking for the answers to the questions asked. When the iphone game starts, it will ask you whether you want to answer 10, 50 or 100 questions. I choose 50 questions to try out for a start. In each question, there is a timer counting down. If you do not answer by the time the timer counts down, it will skip to the next question. If you answer the question incorrectly, it will give you a nasty sound like the sound of a fart. If you answer the question correctly, it will give you a nice ringing bell sound. The process repeats itself until you reach the end of the 50th question.

In this game, there is no hint button you can press to reveal some hints to the question you need to answer. You just got to keep going until you reach the end of the game. You can stop the game at any time or turn off the music or the sound if you find them too distracting for you.

When you stopped the game, you can see the current game progress of how many questions you got them correct and how many questions you got it wrong. The statistics also include how many times you stopped the game. There is a “continue playing” button for you to press to resume the game. The user interface for this ios game is pretty simple and straightforward. You can never get lost in the game except not knowing how to answer the questions.

I find this game easy to play for any beginners. You can easily get the hang of the game after 10 minutes trying out the game. You can turn off the music if you want. I usually turn off the music because I find it interfering with my train of thoughts. It is funny to hear the farting sound when you got a question answered incorrectly. I will not rate this game as addictive because it just test on the speed you answer the questions. It will be better to let the user to choose a topic of his choice and generate the questions based on the chosen topic. The game gets more variety of random questions if the gameplay is based on the topic of the questions. For example, if a kid chooses zoo as the topic, the questions asked must evolve around a zoo. This gives an edge for the gamer over the game. In this way, the gamer will be happy because he can answer questions that he knows or is an expert at. In this way, the gamer will be more addicted to the game compared to the current system.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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