Gizmoplay is a software development company and a part of The company focuses on delivering turnkey solutions in website designing, ecommerce, and database management and integration. specializes in developing mobile phone apps which can be configured according to client devices and brand promotions. The company enables businesses to organize intelligent marketing strategies with the use of customizable mobile apps that track everything from lead capture to conversion.

Gizmoplay apps are conceived and designed by software professionals based or working in the US. The team uses latest smart phone integration technology to build soft applications which cater to international clients. They build apps across domains like mobile radio and ringtone creations. A list of the best Gizmoplay features is compiled below for easy reference:


  • is marketed by Arnia Systems, Inc. based in Chicago.
  • They design tailored apps for categories like Mobile Radio, Live Wallpaper, iPad Catalog, Ringtone Creator and special Brand Promotion apps.
  • All Gizmoplay apps come with brand info like app title, intuitive screen, business logo, icons and contact details. Each app can be further customised to suit unique business needs.
  • These apps are adept marketing tools and every single one of them is enabled to capture customer data like email id, phone number, gender or age and manage prospect lists and view demographics.
  • Every app has been designed with an inbuilt data analysis technology which analyses lead behavior which is priceless little addition for successful promotional campaigns.
  • Gizmoplay designs apps which are free to download by its client’s customer segment.
  • All data is stored in the app dash board and can be transported to client CSV for ready location.
  • Once a client buys an app, GizmoPlay sets about tweaking it to configure according to customizations asked for within a quick turnaround time.
  • They offer a year long access to GizmoDash, the app dashboard, and app hosting for every single app that’s purchased.
  • The app builder goes a step further and publishes client app in multiple app stores like Apple iTunes and Google Play for iOS and Android as asked by the client.
  • Gizmoplay also offers real time performance statistics to clients, right from the time the app is available in the app stores.
  • They also offer royalty free licensing so that clients can freely promote the app in their business name. They also provide commercial licensing as required.
  • Gizmoplay designs fully customizable games which match brand ethos and image.
  • Payment options are kept simple. Clients can transfer cash through PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards.

Summary: Gizmoplay is a complete promotional package for businesses. It is a one-stop destination for generating leads, tracking prospects and receiving high returns on investment. With unique apps, businesses get a distinct character and outshine competition.  The Company provides fully digitalized marketing support. They also repair app defects and bugs throughout the hosting period and republish apps to the same store and operating system.

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