In a latest development Hudson James Investment Management launches The Money Pouch, a free wealth management app which automatically buys & sells Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) every month. This new investment service was launched for expats and international employees. The Money Pouch launches Android app for automated stock trading which has been extremely beneficial news for all business users.

More importantly The Money Pouch charge zero annual management fees for all accounts investing over $250,000. It is also noted that smaller accounts are still available with a low annual management charge of 0.04% per month. The Money Pouch is immensely hoping to attract quality investors with a low annual management fee, aligning their own interests with clients choosing a performance fee.

The Money Pouch uses algorithms professionally work on sophisticated momentum strategies to invest in the best and safest ETFs in USD. Primarily noted that the investment portfolio is rebalanced approximately once per month. Hudson James Investment Management uses algo trading and adeptly has human management oversight to step in if stock markets start to head south.

More so precisely the clients are gaining access to a hedge fund type portfolio with much lower minimums and fees than usually available.

Interestingly what makes this roboadviser different is that it could select from a wider range of ETFs than most roboadvisors. Generally most of the major investment houses must invest only in their own ETF fund ranges. Actually this could affect returns in the long run.

The Money Pouch could also invest in ETFs from any fund house listed on the major stock exchanges. This offers it the unique advantage of not being tied down to investing in its own products, making it more independent in its investment selection.

Hudson James Investment Management is best known for their 400 automated trading systems working towards largest financial institutions around the world utilizing algorithmic trading and machine learning. They are also working on Artificial Intelligence strategies.

The Money Pouch strongly focuses higher returns than most roboadvisers using low leverage. The firm has been testing their strategies with their own monies before rolling it out to clients. The three strategies namely the conservative, balanced and adventurous strategies had consecutive positive months for the last nine months.

All these strategies have the strong ability to hold equities, gold or treasury ETFs. It might be hold a mix of all of these or more concentrated depending on the ETFs that the algorithms selecting each month. The strategies could also go to cash in the event of a prolonged market downturn.

The Money Pouch specializes in actively managed ETF strategies. Separately managed accounts provide the individual investor complete transparency, flexibility and protection through segregated accounts. The client’s assets are ring-fenced and protected by a deposit insurance scheme. It is also conveyed that the minimum investment is only $10,000. So this lowers the entry barriers to a wider, global audience of investors.

The Money Pouch expediently uses a computer algorithm to take the emotion out of investing. The computer program ranks ETF’s based on a number of technical indicators and then chooses the best ETF’s to hold for the subsequent month. By this effective way it reduces risk and ameliorates returns for clients. These rebalanced ETF strategies seek to make positive returns in rising, falling and range bound markets.

Finally the investment portfolios are Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) could be cashed in at any time, offering more flexibility that the typical hedge fund which usually has high investment minimums or high exit fees or take a long time to cash in.

In conclusion The Money Pouch is a robo advisor for expats and international employees. It is an online wealth service that buys stock and bond ETFs on your behalf automatically. They also develop investment portfolio after you answer a few simple risk questions. It uses computer algorithms to buy and sell ETFs for you to reduce risk and increase returns. They are successfully to be the roboadvisor that provides the best return on investment in the market.

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