For any businessman in the present scenario, social marketing is one of the biggest tools to advertise his product and may be the most determining one. Take it to be Facebook or as big a search engine as Google, these are the brands which act as“traffic fetchers” for others. So, they don’t need their own advertisements but lay out the basis for others. Creating an account on Google AdSense can be the first step towards marketing, but definitely not the last. You need to analyze the market and select your platforms as per requirements. It’s not a guaranteed bet always but sometimes promotions on small websites prove better than the leaders of the web. So, to understand the dynamic nature of the market, you need someone guide you to your next step. This is the role of a Marketing Analysis Tool and we’re going to review one today.

We are talking about the new web app, Marketing Stick that is an online platform with a login ID and password for you to start. Therefore neither do you need to download any software nor is the need to update each time you open it. It is always up to date and your data also has a backup always. But this is almost common to all market analytics tools. So, what’s the difference?

The dashboard of the app is very well designed and all the statistics are well placed. The app measures three different variables for a webpage that determine how efficient and valuable that webpage is for you. The three measurable are Traffic, Content and Leads. While Traffic refers to the total no. of page views, content refers to a score given to the content knowledge of your page based on a certain algorithm. Then, leads are the no. of clicks on different pages of yours. Other than that, there is also a growth parameter which plots the changes against time frame and you can calculate the different parameters in between any time frame.

You can add as many different pages and websites as you want. There are some predetermined websites and blogs like Facebook fanpages, Facebook advertisement, Google Adwords, WordPress, MailChimp Newsletters, etc. which most of the clients use. For each page, there are separate parameters available and for increasing a parameter, just click on the ‘increase’ button and you’ll get a detailed advice from the app on how to raise the bar.

The app is available for a subscription fee of $20/month. This includes unlimited marketing resources, included support and all marketing parameters. But in case you’re still not sure of whether you want it or not, you can check out their free trial of 30 days which includes all the features of the paid subscription plan. You can also check out their demo video.

We must admit that the app has been very intuitively and beautifully designed and it does have a very good value for money. So, don’t forget to try it.

Pros: intuitive UI; control over individual pages and blogs; free trial available.

Cons: none.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :   Marketing Stick