My Axeo (or Axeo for short) is a modern wedding organizer aimed to helping engaged couples plan for their future dream wedding. This wedding organizer is locked and loaded with a plethora of wedding planning tools that would help make your wedding a smashing success. What’s more is that the program can be accessed anywhere; from your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android OS tablets and phones and the computer which would help you immensely as you might forget some details or want to inform your friends about the wedding. Today, we would be talking about how Axeo(the program) would help and in what specific ways would it be useful to you.

The program’s User Interface is coloured bright red which could probably mean conjugal bliss and happiness and would certainly lift your mood. The first tab that you would see in the program would be the “Overview” tab where you could see the summary of everything that your wedding comprises of. From the complete details (who are getting married and the wedding date) to the number of tables required and guest per table. If you want to view those in specific terms, you can then select from the panel to left. In the “My Guests” section, Axeo details who would be attending your wedding which would be very useful if you want to re-confirm the number of guests or want to add in more. They even added in a search box, where you could search through the entire guest list if it is very big. The guest list even has indications for babies, so if there are any babies that would be attending, you could address to their needs and wants during the weddings beforehand.

There is also a “Suppliers” category where you could view and see what suppliers would be supplying the items needed for the wedding. You could edit those categories to your taste and they would show you the exact suppliers that you keyed in, allowing you to keep track of wedding costs from there on. Using this suppliers tab would also help you compare which suppliers are much more expensive and redundant, allow you to cancel them out if you are currently cash strapped.

There is also a comprehensive Food and Drinks section where you could view which categories would the food be in. For example, there is a different section for Arrival Drinks, Reception and the Evening Dinner. This would help those people who have a long wedding which persists from the morning to the night where the real wedding actually takes place.

Another section which I feel would be very helpful for the bride and groom would be the photography list which Axeo has included. This list helps you store the photos that you took during preparatory and even shots from the wedding. This would help you reminisce how the wedding would be when you get older and when the relationship starts to mellow. There is also a helpful tab on the top notifying how many days would there be to the wedding, allowing those forgetful brides and grooms to remember.

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