When I was on mobile on every morning, the first thing I thought was there anything can make me happy before I am checking my notification? At least a smile. I wonder how I can made day and start with a wonderful feel.

The installation has done in a jiffy. The app size is only around 2MB and only took below one minute or less depending on your internet data connection. Honestly at first, I am not expect much on this app as the name is just plain and too common as everybody or every developer can claim what they app are.

After tested and everything, the time proved me wrong. The app was tailored from a quality. The interface is minimalistic, make it very easy to be used. The color, background, patterns, the how they put composition is just perfect. And yes; the developers and producer, Banana put everything in professionals. I love the how they categorize the wallpapers, it come over 40 categories such as abstract, military, travel, airplane, graffiti, money at lots more. The app has brilliant operating speed loading high quality images. I am not sure whether those wallpapers are stock or otherwise, but this Awesome Wallpaper is over delivered.

Same do as the app name, the quality of the awesome wallpapers is absolute awesome! Those wallpapers are in high definition (HD), make it fits in any Android device both phones and tablets. Also, you can share your mood and love by socialize the wallpaper across the networks.The only ‘dark side’ of this wallpaper app is the app itself will not work without internet connection as not everyone has instant connection. But still, it is not a big issue and user can doing search whenever they are connected.

This beautiful android app is developed by a baby company, Bittersweet Banana – Android application developer and advertisement platform. Bittersweet Banana developed Awesome Wallpaper professionally and I almost cannot spot any glitch or any improper. The other thing I think can be improved in this app is the search feature. I am not very sure about the secret algorithm behind this app, but the developer can revise the search better. Last time I had experience with it is found two out of fifty wallpapers does not fit with the search. It might be a small case, but the developers still can work more on this.

For me, the app throws me a good experience. It fits with any preference or type of people; simple, mood, dark, fashionable, nature, car lover or any kind (you name it). Yes, they offer variety of most in wide variety bucket. Less but not least, Awesome Wallpaper is awesome!

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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