Digital transactions are the one that gains popularity in the recent days and we as users will no longer have to take money from our purse to spend for everything. Everything has become online today and cryptocurrencies are preferred by many. Whatever website it is you are using these days, you can see that Now Payments is one awesome means to easily and safely accept instant crypto payments for your business.

Almost all online portals or websites can accept cryptocurrencies and process online orders and transactions in an instant. Now Payments is one awesome means to easily and safely accept instant crypto payments for your business. It supports over 50 cryptocurrencies and all that you must do is just set up an account and choose an integration process to connect with any business or service that you choose.

There is no international barrier for crypto space and people from any part of the globe will be able to receive payments in crypto without any difficulties. The BTC online payments and other crypto ask only for a very less commission when we compare it with credit/debit cards. The commission for this is very less than a per cent.  Crypto transactions have a high successful payment and they are no chance of failure as they are irreversible, bounced, reversed or declined. 

The clients can now choose to pay with crypto and then the customer pays in the selected currency which later gets collected in the wallet as a crypto payment. The platform is suitable for everyone including merchants, customers, investors and employees who wish to get crypto payments in a user-friendly platform. If you register as an affiliate account on building ties between merchants and Now Payments, you can earn money. If you become one of its partners, you will be able to get a profit percentage.

Now Payments works with transaction fees that start from only 0,4%. If the currency that the users are paying is different from what the clients want to pay with, then an additional fee of 0,5% is charged. This app offers a smooth experience and the fee amount is charged only when the final payment amount is sent to the merchant. When you have any queries, you can contact them on [email protected] for support.

Now Payments come with so many API, plugins, widgets and buttons and they will allow users to easily integrate them into their e-commerce website or any other online business or service portal. Users can easily embed NowPayments to their stores and website just by creating an account. The team is active on different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Reddit.

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