Have you ever lost some vital information on your pc or laptop? It could stress your life. It could also lead to some serious loss regarding the information lost or the money tied to the information. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is meant to assist with the lost information. The lost data could have been as a result of formatting. It could also result from intentional deleting of the information. Regardless of the reason, the software can assist with the recovery. It can help recovery in laptops and PC. It could also support any device that is removable. These could include external hard disks, the mobile phone as well as memory card. The recovery is done quickly. It is also free format recovery software to restore formatted files. No charge is incurred. Restore hard drive is much easier with this software.


Recovery features
The software employs various scanning modes that are progressive. The scanning assists in determining the areas where the deleted data took place. It is usually a quick scan. It also uses deep scanning. It helps to locate the lost data. These data could have been lost through formatting. It also helps locate the inaccessible data. It will enhance in recovering data such as the documents and the pictures. It can also help recover the emails and the videos. It helps in recovery of data that may be lost from the servers. It could be as a result of the attacks by the internet viruses or an error in the system. The recovery can be at any time discontinued. In this case, there will be saving of the results got from the process of scanning.

Allowance to preview
It is important before you begin scanning, to know the types of the files that are required to be recovered. It will help in narrowing the findings of the search. There will also be filtering of the search. It uses the names of the file as well as their different types. It does not waste time. It is attributed to the fact that the files are thoroughly checked. The check involves looking at the quality as well as the details of the files.

User friendly
The tool for the recovery is safe to use, and it offers a guide to restoring data from the external hard drive. It helps in the recovery by very simple tips. These are only three. There is no experience needed as the user can follow carefully the instructions that are concise. There is also the guarantee that there can be no additional damage. There is not even overwriting of the recovered data. Thus, your data is recovered a 100%.


It is important to employ the free format recovery software to restore formatted files. It is the best tool to use for the recovery of the vital data. Windows can support it. The upgrades to the software do not incur a cost. Thus, you do not have to worry what will happen to the software in the future. There is also the technical support that you will be given. It is not tied to time as it is timeless. There are also no restrictions on the data that you can recover. You can recover as much as you want. You will be sure that as you purchase the product, you will be getting yourself a software that offers you superior services.