The internet and variety of apps has caused a boom in the production industry. With so many products storming the industry, it is important to set yours apart in the market. Amidst all this, you must remember that ‘customer is king’. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is your primary goal. With the right kind of marketing and customer support, you can keep your customers happy, setting yourself apart from the rest in the niche. Marketeer, a web app, is here to help you out with this.


Marketeer makes your work easier by taking over the entire process of marketing and customer support. It makes it simple, easy and convenient for users by adding a smart touch to it. Anyone who will visit your company is sure to be impressed enough as to become an active customer. This ratio of turnaround of visitors to customers is what determines your growth. Marketeer works to maximize just this for you.


The main idea behind the app is that customers appreciate self-service. With a simple tool to interact with customers, Marketeer makes this possible. Unless you have the right live support, your customer service cannot sustain. Customers have access to everything they need to know about the app via your site. This way, they can empower themselves with adequate knowledge.


There are many advantages to using this web app. Every person who visits your site is attended to personally to begin with. They get instant answers to any sort of questions that they may have. Also, live support is provided to those that require it. Your customer support is not limited to business hours but takes place all through the day and the night. No customer is kept waiting whatsoever. This way, no opportunities are lost.

What companies do not know is how to make the most of the limited resources available to them. Marketeer helps tackle this problem by helping companies use their resources smartly. Customers are first greeted with a dash board that provides a good over view of the product. There is a side bar where you can put in all important news and updates that must not go unnoticed. Additionally, it provides mobile app help in the form of apps for all platforms- web, Android and iOS. There is also an API to help your site communicate with any widgets.

The app provides a service that can be availed at a starting price of &49 per month. This is pretty much the same as other support systems, but it does not use the resources of your tea. The effort and resources you need to invest is minimized and the profit is maximized at the same time. Both cost and time are saved for you. With the right kind of live customer support, engagement, inbound and outbound marketing, Marketeer is here to revolutionise the customer support system existing across the world. Its simplicity of use, efficient design and functionality make it unique and help you give your product a unique edge in the market.

Good: Saves time and cost

Bad: None

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