Kuusoft is a one-stop development marketplace that spearheaded industry-leading digital signage software and hardware (NexSign & Nano-PC3) that Fortune 500 companies rely on. They adeptly take pride in providing a complete solution to all industries worldwide.

NexSigns is a market leader in digital signage and is always at the forefront of digital signage software. Their features provide you with complete control over your digital signage. Utilize all versatile features to manage everything related to NexSigns easily.

NexSigns software suits any business, whether a small startup or a large corporation. They professionally provide signage software and total solutions to a wide range of industries. NexSigns is the famous enterprise and mid-market digital signage solution of preference for rapid restaurants, financial institutions, automobile manufacturers, corporations, education, hospitality, and healthcare providers.

NexSigns Top Features                                      

  • Playlist Management
  • Remote Display Management
  • Visual Editor
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Auto Update
  • Content Scheduling
  • Customizable Templates
  • Data Security
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Layout & Design
  • Multi-Screen Support
  • Media Library
  • Multi-Location
  • Customizable Branding

What Special about NexSigns

NexSigns offers technology signage total solutions for a variety of businesses. Our solutions are used in a variety of industries. From headquarters, they focus on providing customer service to customers in North America. Their user-friendly interface makes it simple to make changes to your displays. Are you looking for granular user management at the enterprise level? NexSigns has everything. Their comprehensive solutions apply to any industry, from restaurants and hotels to offices and gyms.

Overview of the Nexsigns Product

  • You can access your digital signage from anywhere
  •  with a global content distribution network.
  • Their management interface is simple and easy to use through an online platform.
  • Upload any media, from images to videos, to their digital signage.
  • NexSigns includes numerous scalable content management features. These comprise dayparting, scheduled publishing, a date range filter, and other features.
  • NexSigns actively supports HTML5 and JavaScript runtimes.
  • NexSigns can be used on any display. This includes TVs, tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Final Thoughts

Every month, NexSigns powers over 1,000,000 hours of content for Fortune 500 companies and promising startups. A first-of-its-kind, industry-first, scalable Global Content Management System, North America-based phone support, a slim, powerful media player, an intuitive interface, and a scalable Global Content Management platform. NexSigns is ideal for digital menu boards, internal communication, retail promotion, and other applications.

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