It’s a holiday and you’ve finally decided to repair your car. There are some minor issues that you’d like to clear up before the next working day. So you take out your tool box, open up the hood of the car and start looking for the screw. But before you could initiate the proceedings, you find out that the screw driver is missing in your tool box. Then you remember back in your memory lanes when it finally hits you that you had given it to Mr. Jones, your neighbour, a week ago but haven’t got it back. So you visit his home but only to find out that he’s loaned it further to Mr. Right. This happens with most of us when we finally knock at another neighbour say Mr. Irwin’s and borrow the tool. But this isn’t what we wanted, right? So let’s go for a change!


I’m talking about the latest iOS app called ShareMyToolbox that has been developed by Viewpoint Construction Software. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 8.1 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Now, let’s start with a different beginning. A night before opening the hood of your car, you open up ShareMyToolbox and check out which of the tools are available in your toolbox, which are the ones that you’ve loaned to others and also, the ones that you’ve borrowed from others. So if the screw driver is missing, you call Mr. Jones and ask for it. In case he’s loaned it to Mr. Right, this is the right time for you to ask him politely to get it back. Moreover, if you’ve borrowed a tool from others, make sure you don’t get a phone call in the midnight asking for it. So solve such issues beforehand and when you finally open up the hood, you’re ready!


The interface of the app is pretty slick and intuitive and requires minimal effort from your side (so now you can zero-in all your efforts into opening the screw!). It’s like a social platform where you can connect with your friends and co-workers and share tools with each other. Each of your tools will be having a complete description with owner’s name, manufacturer’s details such as model number, serial number, etc. Your profile page will tell you about all the tools you have, tools you’ve loaned to others and those that you’ve borrowed. Other features such as tool pictures, color-coded tool status, warranty tracking, swipe gestures and user-defined lender terms make this app a must-have.

An added benefit of this app is that if you require a tool, you can search into your connections’ profiles and if you find a match (and it’s available), then bingo! You don’t have to buy or rent that tool. Just borrow it! Moreover, if you and your friends are looking for the same tool, buy it and share the total cost. Isn’t that amazing!

So overall, ShareMyToolbox is an amazing app that’s available for free in the App Store. So what are you waiting for! Go and check it out today!

Pros: slick interface; swipe gestures; color-coded status; connect with friends; share cost and tools; free.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth HAving App – Download the App