What you can expect on the display of a bachelor’s phone is an image of a sexy girl posing in a seducing way. But when you ask of the whereabouts of the image, then most likely they would have been downloaded from Google Images or some other such website. But searching every time for a new face isn’t the right way to do it and who knows if you’ll get the thing you want. Also, if you’re living in a neighbourhood where you don’t get to see any beautiful face or to admire the figure of a God gift, then how long can you survive that? You need a regular dose of such material and if not naturally, then what the hell is internet for! I’m not talking about any porn website to search for, but admiring the beautiful faces around the world isn’t anything wrong to do. That’s what we’re going next with!


I am talking about one of the latest Android apps called Sexy Girls Lists. The app has been developed by Norihito Kawabata. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3.3 or any later version of the OS and bears a very small size on your hard disk with just 745k.


Talking about the content, then there will be many beautiful and sexy girls available on the app. You can check out anyone’s photo and the gallery keeps updating. You can view any photo and save it in your phone memory if you like. So you can create a whole big collection of sexy girls’ photos. The newest photos are displayed on the home page so that you don’t miss anyone of them.

I don’t know how you’ll be reacting to this app because the content it has on the offer might be of disagreement to many out there. Surely it is not for the under-aged, but even the adults may find it inappropriate. It’s more of the theme that seems unusual to me. Though I know that there are many such users looking for these kinds of apps, but releasing it on a platform like Android and expecting everyone to use it just doesn’t seem to happen for me. But I was a little bit shocked to see that there are 1.5 million users of the same app on the Windows platform which is really a huge number.


The app is available for free but is certainly not for everyone.  Please don’t mistake this app with any of the porn image gallery, it’s definitely not that. But still how many parents will allow their children to keep photos of some beautiful ladies in their phone wardrobe. But if you’re adult enough, you may take a look at this one. The beautiful faces for at least one time will give you goose bumps for sure!

Pros: beautiful photos of sexy ladies; updated regularly; latest faces on the homepage; free.

Cons: high maturity content; inappropriate theme.

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