From a businessman point of view, marketing is the most essential tool that is the final but most important hurdle to be overcome. Even if you have a good product in your hand, the way you showcase it to the world will decide how well it will do in the market. The same applies to how easy it is to reach your product and that’s why, online shopping stores have evolved into the scene from past few years. But there is a need for a service provider that provides you with the portal so that this service may also be used by small businessmen.

W2P Software is a web app which provides a Web to Print Storefront for you to market, manage, distribute, and sell your digital documents.  For those who don’t know what storefront is, then it is an online shopping area or a portal where you, as a customer, can select your products and order them. As a seller, you can handle all the transactions from your office and that’s what W2P serves for. But it is not just limited to online dealing. The demands of the consumers are variable and should change accordingly the structure of your site. That’s why, W2P allows you to customize your site with their VDP Fusion-Pro software. They will also provide you basic training for free which will include graphics, Fusion-Pro and installing it on your portal. On-site training is available at some costs. Once you are done with the training, you can created you own templates for your portal.

Customer satisfaction is a must in a storefront and each business has its own specified customers. So you have to decide the themes, colors and graphics that will match best to your requirements and W2P allows you to select your own themes and they will be loaded to your portal once you will sign in and you can even customize them later. There are multiple payment options available such as Credit Card, invoicing or budget funds. Also, there is no additional fee for extra customers.

Talking about the site they offer, the user interface is very intuitive and engaging. You can easily navigate in between the different options and place your order accordingly. It allows your users to place multiple orders. Also, the saved orders can be checked later for submission. The orders can be printed or e-delivered to the customer over the internet. In addition, a mailing list can be uploaded to a personalized document that will be later merged to create a postal delivery product.

From the above features, it is already clear that the web app is very useful both for big entrepreneurs as well as retailers and wholesalers as the app fines a low monthly subscription fee, which is very much affordable.

Pros : customizable graphics, intuitive user interface, low subscription fee, no additional fees.

Cons : It is not suitable for mega online stores.

We will give this web app 4 out of 5 stars for its effective work flow.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Web App Link :   W2P Web to Print Software