When you set on an online marketing campaign, you need to work on a variety of things. You can make a social media campaign, send an email newsletter, gather the people through referral campaigns or display banner ads. By doing so you can attract more people to your website/brand. You also need to understand the mode of campaign that bought you more customers. To understand this you need to add UTM to your URL.

What is an UTM generator?

A UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a small bit of code that is added at the end of an URL. You can attach this code to the custom URL to track a source, medium and campaign name. This UTM allows you to analyze where all the traffic for your website is coming from. When you make use of an UTM, you will be able to know what bought the users to your website. It may be a like, a tweet or another webpage that led them here.

This helps the Google Analytics to tell you how the users came here: that is what campaign led them to this page. When you don’t use an UTM, you will only be able to see the referrer of traffic and as a marketer you can’t find out exactly what worked and what didn’t.

The utm-generator.com gives you all that you need to incorporate into your URL. An UTM tracking link comprises of several various parts with many different tracking parameters.

Benefits of using an UTM generator:

UTM is a format that lets you to trace the traffic of your website and use it for online marketing campaigns. This helps you to know which traffic source is effective and efficient and also helps you to optimize and alter the strategy of your online marketing campaigns.

Making use of an UTM generator enables you to avoid the possible pitfalls in generating an UTM. The utm-generator.com is completely free of charge and it helps you to avoid spelling mistakes and be consistent with the parameters. When you use this, you can avoid case sensitive and space errors and may not miss out the necessary fields.

When you make use of the free online UTM generator tool, all that you have to do is to enter the website URL, campaign source, medium, name, term and content and that’s it. You will be able to generate your personal UTM tracking code absolutely free of cost. With utm-generator.com, your UTM generating task is narrowed down to a very few easy steps.

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