Celoxis is powerful & effective project management software designed to provide an end to end solution for project management activities. It has lot of professional features which are easy to customize and implement in your day to project activities. This software maintains a quality of service and provides a unique interface for tacking project activities.

Tech Specs:

Celoxis is available in market in two different interfaces. A web hosted SaaS interface which provides an on-demand service at a rate of $14.95/month. This subscription includes 500 MB of free disc space. SaaS version works perfectly on all the top browsers. Celoxis also has an offline interface support to provide an on-premise service at a rate as low as $117 / User(one time). This on-premise subscription includes one year free support.

Basic usage:

Celoxis is a complete package of fully functional project management tool which offers wide range of features to Manage, Plan and keep track of projects, resources, timesheets, expense reports, project issues, project documentations, work flows, schedules, time and materials. It’s a single comprehensive solution for all project related activities. The simple user interface of this software helps you to keep track of all issues and makes your work easy for managing Project releases, Ad-hoc maintenance, work tracking, WBS, etc.

Additional Features compared to competitors:

  • Schedule Tracker & Maintainer – Celoxis has an advanced scheduling mechanism, through which tasks are automatically scheduled around the resource time zone, shift timings, holidays and work timing exceptions.
  • Interactive Gantt Chart – The interactive gannt chart feature in Celoxis allows you to schedule new tasks and update the existing tasks. You can view/change the task progress or dependencies by using simple drag and drop options. It’s more helpful for building the WBS. You are allowed to manage single/multiple tasks at a same time. You can maximize the gantt display by hiding the columns or even you have option to view the gantt in full screen mode. This helps in planning and tracking the project in an effective manner.
  • Report generation – Celoxis made reporting more simple (and powerful) than any other product in the market by providing various charting options like Gantt chart, Pie, bar and bubble chart and maintains a collection of reports in a Dashboard. This way it allows you to share the reports to the clients in a more presentable manner. The Chart generation is made easier with drill down controls which allows you to have more detailed view.
  • Resource Load Chart – Celoxis has a Resource Load charter facility to view information about resource break down, resource utilization and it effectively allows you to capture and resolve the resource conflicts.
  • PMM Support – It extends the support for Project Portfolio Management where you can easily customize the allowable fields as per your need.
  • Work Flow Management – Celoxis is a perfect tool to create and track various business process like change management requests, bug tracking, client approvals, risk management, etc.
  • Customized Project Estimation – Celoxis allows you to customize the project estimation formulas as per your company standards to keep track of your project status and to ensure that your project falls within the metrics.
  • RSS feed support – Celoxis supports RSS feeds which allow you to keep track of any updates to the project plan without login to the application.
  • Use it on the go –The mobile interface works on almost any smart phone, not just iPhone. The interface is quite comprehensive and looks like a native iPhone application. You still get access to the same dashboard and reports that you would on your desktop browser.
  • Third party integration – Celoxis supplies an API with which you can easily integrate with other tools like Salesforce, your custom applications, etc. It also supports two-way synchronization with Microsoft Project. In addition you can do a number of things via email. All the data can be easily portable between the devices in the form of CSV files. This feature doesn’t exist in most competitive products.

Celoxis provides email based support and they resolve issues at the earliest as they have well expertise technicians. It also educates the users through several video tutorials and product documentations. The main advantage of this product over its co-competitor is its cheaper price with wide range of features. Sign up for a free trial and experience the improvement in your project Management skills.

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Web App Link :   Celoxis Web App