Starting a new business demands a heavy investment and a well laid-out plan. While the investment is never fixed and depends upon the business, the strategic part is becoming more and more complex day by day. For example, if you’re thinking about producing a movie, then your job is just half done after the investment. To make sure that the movie does excel on the box office, a proper marketing strategy is a must. If the target audience isn’t aware of your movie, then how can you expect to have a full house? That’s where television and internet serves as a great platform for these producers to introduce their product to a wide user base. But not anyone can afford the costly advertising of Television and therefore internet is the sole available option. But what’s the exact address?

EFORB (www.eforb.com) is the place where you can meet all your requirements at one place. This website lays down support for businessmen to expand their business and helps them meet their potential customers. Actually, it’s two fold. At EFORB, you have to add the details of your business or company so that anyone who is looking for services in your field may contact you. So overall, it’s a social network for businessmen and customers.

As a businessman, what you can do is add the details such as name, address, etc of your company and mark it on the map as well. Make friends and gather contacts to let your product reach out to more and more people. You can add your products and there is support for audios and videos as well which is very helpful as you can give demos of your products as well which is very much essential in case of online marketing. If your company is organising any event such as a new product launch, then add that event to your profile and let everybody know about it. Invite your friends and they’ll let you know whether they can attend the event or not. You can get all the news feed from your wall.

As a customer, you can just go to the website and search for whatever you want. If you’re looking for a car mechanic in your surroundings, then just search for it and you may find one nearby. But the website is still in its beta version and the number of registered users is not so big. Most of the users are from Ukraine or Russia and the rest of the world is probably yet to know about this one. But being a businessman, it’s a good opportunity for you as the website is growing and you can soon expect people from your side as well to be a part of it. It’s good to be a part of a growing community and if it just takes a minute to sign up, there’s nothing to lose!

In case I forgot to tell you, all the services of this website are free!

Pros: create your company profile; add videos, audios, events; add your location to map; search for anybody in your surroundings; free.

Cons: just the starting phase with very few registered users for the moment.

I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars.

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