Ever been stuck in a long and boring class? Have you ever grown tired of that old fart you call your boss? Do you have an annoying little child that needs an app that keeps him busy forever?

There’s an app for that.  Here is an excellent way to survive those long hours wasted in sheer boredom or to survive the irritating screeching of a little angel. Cartoon Spread is a communication tool that offers you a new way to share up to 4-pannel drawings with your friends without having to look for a piece of paper. Cartoon Spread provides the platform on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and lets you draw your favorite cartoons and share them instantly by SMS or through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Kakao Talk and email. It is an eco-friendly way to save paper and save the Amazon from being cut down. Not to mention that it is safer to share your thoughts through this service rather than a paper which people can find by mistake. Make sure to put your posts on Facebook as private if you want to share the drawing with a select group of people.

What makes this app special?

Sure there are other apps that offer you a drawing pad, and I’m pretty sure you can email them. But this is the only app on the market that you can send them privately through the app without having to take a screen shot. You can even upload your drawing to their server and share it with other app users, or you can browse through other people’s cartoons. It is a tool for freedom of expression, and possibly one of the most creative ways to be noticed by other people as well. One thing that would benefit this application would be comments on pictures uploaded for the artists to gain some kind of feedback.

Is it worth the cost?

It’s free! You pay ZERO, ZIP, and NADA! So that being said, this app is as cost effective as they come. After you download the app, try it out, and if you don’t love it… just delete it! Simple as that!

There must be a catch. Right?

Well, the only let down is that it only has 1 drawing option: penciling; with one reviewer stating: “Overall this is a cool app, wish we could add more things besides penciling”. So if you were intending on digitally finger painting a masterpiece, you could wait for a new update, since the game is practically new on the App Store. In the earlier versions there was a bug with the see cartoon button, but the developers have updated the platform and have corrected the problem. Other than that, the application has shown no significant bugs or problems.

What do other users think?

On the apps iTunes’s site it has received and overall for and a half out of five (4.5/5) stars in overall customer satisfaction while on the Android market it has received a 4.3 out of 5 stars. One user says: “Now I can show my friends what I’m really thinking!!” while others say: [its]…is a great concept …”

Is this available on other OS?

Cartoon spread is available for all iOS 3.0 or later and it’s available on the android market as well for versions 2.1 and up. The game is compatible with most devices, which makes it a useful tool to draw with your friends, even if you work on different devices. You can even share your pictures with your friends even if they don’t have an iOS device, which broadens your options whenever you feel like sharing a laugh with someone.

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