Tired of losing coupons or printing them out when you have no ink left on your printer?  Want to find an easy way to save money on gas, stores, restaurants and on other miscellaneous items?  The coupons app provides the best offers in your area by using your phone’s GPS signal.  It also provides information on gas prices and easy to read coupons that will definitely bring in savings.  The best thing about them is that you can bring them with you anytime and anywhere on your Android smartphone.

How does it work?

Just download your application on the Android App Market and open the application.  The application itself gives you a starter’s guide on how to see the coupons and share them.  As you scroll down you will see a small review on each coupon along with the expiration date.  You can choose whether you want to see the coupons for your area or if you want to see all the coupons in general.  If you want to see your coupons, click on the blue link on the review to see the actual coupon.  Once you click on the link, you can zoom in and out to see the small letters on the coupon by pinching the screen.

What other features does this application have?

This application provides great features like the option to share your coupons with yourself or your friends.  All you have to do is look for the review for the coupon you want and click on the envelope icon on the left, which provides the coupon’s link on a text message or an email.  Then just send the email or text message and your friends will definitely love you if they use the coupons.  You can also share the application with your friends or family as well.  If you like to share on social networks, you can also use Twitter and Facebook, which give others a chance to take advantage of these offers.

You also have gas prices on the application, which allow you to find the cheapest gas station nearby.  You get daily updates once you open the application every day, so that you can keep track of gas prices constantly.

Need to compare prices with other stores?  Don’t call your friends; use the Barcode scanner, where the application gives you an instant quote on other stores without even having to make a call or waste gas.

Need to remember your coupons for when you need to go out shopping, you can instantly post them in your calendar, so that you can remember their expiration date easily and effortlessly.  It even shows you the way to the nearest location to use your coupon!

How is it rated among users?

Most users love this application.  With over fifty-seven thousand five star ratings, it is one of the top coupon applications on the market, with a median of 4.6 out of 5 stars.  Some users may dislike the ads on the application.  However, you can disable them by either making a donation for a magazine subscription or by clicking on the sponsored offers.

Overall, we definitely recommend this application for its simplicity, easy sharing options and countless opportunities to save money.  Most users will say that your friends and family will definitely love it and will thank you for recommending this app.  The application is free to use and you can unlock the paid options by just following the instructions on the application.  You have nothing to lose with this application and things will definitely look up once you save up money for that vacation trip you were planning.

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