Whenever you’re connecting any piece of hardware externally, then you need to know how to connect it and I’m not talking about connecting an external mouse to a laptop. If you’ve ever visited any electronics or automobile industry, then you’ll get to see a lot of wires connecting one port to another.  These connections are made after going through the datasheet of that product. But a datasheet serves many more purposes such as for an electronics product; it contains manufacturer’s name, product’s number and name, functional description, pin connection diagram, specifications, test circuit, etc. However for an automobile product, it mainly consists of the specifications, technical information and operational instructions. So overall a datasheet holds many important instructions and without it, a product is useless to the customer. So if you’re looking for a datasheet on web, its better if you know the right address or otherwise you’ll end up with a headache. I think we’ve got the right address!

The website I’m going to discuss next will change your mode of search. What you do now is copy/paste the name of the file and search it on Google. Then you go through multiple websites in search of the right results and even if you find them, they are not in the correct format such as PDF to be downloaded and read later. From now on, in the address bar of your browser, just type in and it’s done. You’ve reached the home of millions of datasheets and the population is increasing day by day.

At datasheetlib, there are more than 4.2 millions datasheets from different industries and more than 20 thousand are added daily. So you can realize yourself how big this library is and will be in a few days. You just have to type in the name of the file in the top search bar and a drop down menu appears as you start typing which is really helpful in case you don’t remember the full name of the file. Your search consists of your file in PDF format as well as many other related searches so that you don’t have to search again and again if you’re searching for datasheets related to similar components.

The home page shows the popular brands and popular datasheets that are being searched. Also, the top products that are mostly searched for related datasheets are mentioned on the right side of the home page. To filter down your search, there is a manufacturer index starting from 0 and ending at Z. So if you know the manufacturer’s name, you can directly search for all the related datasheets. Also, the website keeps record of all your past searches and shows them on the right of your search results. This is helpful in case of recurring search.

You can view the PDF files or download them and leave comments in the bottom section. You can share them as well and there is no copyright restriction at all. This service is completely free without any sign up required and has been created to help engineers. It’s the Wikipedia of Datasheets!

Pros: huge library of datasheets with more than 4 million of them; thousands of new files added daily; charge-free without any sign up; view or download PDF files; quick and filtered search.

Cons: none.

I will give this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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