When your phone belongs to you more than anything else and you know that it’s nothing without the information it contains, you can estimate the importance of that data. First there are not any convenient ways to backup your data directly and even if you have, your data constantly keeps changing. For example, you have some songs in your music library and you’ve got them backed. But the next day, a new album of Eminem arrives in the market and you purchase the full album from iTunes and add them to your phone as well. So now you’ll have to update your backup again and it’s a never ending loop. A better option would have been if it got updated automatically. That’s what the base of our new backup app that has just been released in the Play Store. So let’s head ahead and take a look at it.


The name of the app I’m talking about is Easy Backup. The app has been developed by Mdroid apps. The app is compatible with all the Android devices that have been running Android 2.0 or any later version of the OS. So that’s a good thing as it’s compatible with older versions as well and the app has already been downloaded around 100 thousand times on Play Store. That establishes the strong base of reliance on the app’s features.

The app takes you directly to your app manager where you can see the various apps installed on your device and their current location. For example, if an app is installed on your phone memory, then you can move it directly to the SD card, Dropbox account, Google Drive, etc. It saves a lot of effort from your side to open those accounts separately and upload the files. There are many different options for backup and with Google providing unlimited space for free; you can backup as much data as you want. Moreover, you can backup anything from documents, songs, videos, contacts, SMS, calendar to apps.


While setting up your account on Easy Backup, you need to enter the details of different accounts such as Gmail, Dropbox, Imap, etc for backup. One of the main advantages of this app as I have already pointed out above is the ability to schedule your backup. Suppose you add every new app on an average of 3 days. So just schedule your backup to take place every 2-3 days and you won’t need to do the backup manually.


The user interface of the app is very intuitive with a backup button at the bottom and multi-selection is possible for selecting more than one apps at a time. The app is available for free in the App Store. So check out this app now and tell us your opinion!

Pros: intuitive UI; easy synchronization with multiple accounts; automatic backup scheduling; free.

Cons: sometimes the app crashes in the middle of processing.

I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having Application  :  Download the app