You might be owning a business, sell products or service or do anything else for your income. You always need to know what your customers have to say about you. There are a number of platforms that help you know about what your clients or customers have to say about you. But tracking all the reviews is a tough task as it requires a lot of effort. There are a number of APIs that track the online reviews and help you manage them.

Reviews are useful in a number of ways like machine learning, brand monitoring, customer success and market places. All these will help you listen what your customers have to say. I would strongly recommend Review API to all my personal and business peers so that it would become easier for them to know what their customers have to say. You get to know what they say about the product, understand their sentiments and gain insights into the business by following the reviews.

Of late, I have been using this API and it greatly reduced my work. You can start with a free trial and get to know how well the platform works. The API fetches google reviews, yelp reviews, product hunt reviews and trip advisor reviews. A complete API documentation is made available on the website. This makes it easier for you to integrate it into any of the softwares or website you need to. This enables fast, easy and reliable review scraping and helps you manage your brand or company without any hassles.

By using Review API, you can track the feedback of the users so that, you do not miss out any negative reviews. It also helps you to get user feedback and make the right decisions over your business. Moreover, you can also improve the profile of the vendors by properly analyzing the customer feedback. When you have any queries on integrating Review API, the team is there to help you resolve them as you drop them a line on their contact form or mail them at

The Review API helps you to scrape reviews from more than 30+ sources and fetching reviews had never been this easier. The team comes with 4 different pricing plans namely small, medium, large and very large with a price of $24, $60, $140 and $310. The number of requests, HTTPS encryption, SLA, support and onboarding differ with the plans you choose. All the plans can be upgraded, downgraded or terminated whenever you wish. Annual subscription plans can also be chosen with a discounted price. When it comes to tracking online reviews, there can be no better solution than Review API.

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