In case of official transaction, the format of the document is an important factor, and if you are not able to convert the document to a given format, you may not be able to load the document to the server or to a website. There are several document converters available on the web but each one of them will ask you to download the converter to your desktop and run. This not only takes up a lot of disk space but you are at a risk of getting virus transmitted to your PC. It is always better to convert the documents online and Go4Convert provides you the option.

Go4Convert is a website with web address http://go4convert.com/ which can convert almost all sorts of files to another format. For example, the PDF converter converts doc, docx, Epub, XLSX and more such formats to PDF and the output quality is quite great every time. The website is quite easy to use and you don’t have to be an expert in order to use it. You just need to choose the file that you want to convert to PDF or any other format that is supported by the website and the website will start converting. It will show you the progress and then download the converted file to your computer. A single click and your job are done.


  • The Go4Convert is a free service available for the users and it can be done in a single click.
  • The quality of the documents is maintained when it is converted. The quality of the pictures and text will not be lost during the conversion process.
  • A simple click is required to upload the file you want to convert and download the converted file.
  • There are a total of five converters in the website. The five are DOCX converter, PDF converter, EPUB converter, FB2 and TXT format converter.
  • Each of the converters supports almost all file formats. For example the PDF converter can convert DOCX, DOC, EPUB, RTF, HTML, TXT, DJVU, XLSX, XLS, FB2, DJVU, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. The EPUB one supports DOC / DOCX, PDF, XLS / XLSX, RTF, FB2, HTM / HTML, and TXT, ODT. The website tells you will file formats are supported by the application.
  • There is no need to download anything on your desktop or laptop. You can use the converter according to your requirement.
  • There is no security or confidentiality issue with the converter as the documents are saved in the storage of the website.
  • The company has special service known as PDF split and merge where you can split the PDF file or add some extra information to it.
  • Universal image converter is also available with the app. The PNG to JPG page will give you a fair idea about the same.

Summary: Go4Convert is a web based application that allows the user to convert almost all file types with a single click. It is a free service and the user doesn’t require downloading anything in order to use the app.

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