Lives are faster than ever before and you have to be connected to your clients and business partners through all means. People who are bound to travel a lot, either for business or pleasure, always face a problem with flight timing. You don’t have time to waste in the busy schedule of life and waiting in the airport for the flight to take off or waiting for long hours for the arrival of a special client or special someone is surely not the smartest thing to do in this age of rapid communication. The good news is that there is a company that understands your difficulties and has launched a new app named FlyMate that will cut off the waiting time.

The app developed by RS Smart Media Ltd is worthwhile both for the common man and the airlines companies. While the boarders can get the timing of arrival and departure of the flight, the airlines authority can post important news through the app. The app covers 4000 chat rooms around the world which cover all major airports. The app is based on both sided communication where other flight users around the globe provide their inputs on flight timing and you get to know the exact details. Live information can be availed no matter where you are. The easy interface can be operated and understood by all and it is fast in delivering result.


  • FlyMate version 1.0 is available on iTunes and it is compatible with iPads, iPod touch, and iphone.
  • The app requires iOS 4 or later version to operate.
  • The interface of the app is uncomplicated. Just select the type of flight, arrival and departure, from the top and then enter the details. You will need to enter the date of journey, the place of departure and arrival and the airlines. The result will be displayed within a short time.
  • There are features such as air-post where you can find 4000 chat rooms named after the major airports of the world. Information and emotion sharing through this chat room is a regular activity of the user.
  • My post is another feature of the app where user can see if the friends have replied to the posted information or massages or not. This is the personal are of the user for tracking regular activities.

  • Terminal number, Scheduled time, Gate number, actual timings, delay information with live status of the delay can be checked through this app. All instant updates will be available through this.
  • The app takes only 8.2mb on your device and it is available for £0.69.

Summary: Flymate is a paid app that is specially designed for regular travelers. Apart from getting required information regarding flight timing, it is a platform where people can make friends and stay connected. None other such app offers emotion sharing. 

The app is a low cost avenue for airlines companies to update the boarders about the important news, announcement and schedule. The charge is negligible and the connection to 4000 chat rooms makes it easy to spread the communication.

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