The Smile +Smile iphone app comes as something of a brain teaser. In this lovely game app, players have to get together a pair of loving smiles through challenging that combine a bit of physics, wit and luck. Although it sounds simple, it isn’t the cakewalk it appears. Players need to go through difficult tasks to take Boy-smile to his Girlfriend. Along the journey, they must collect hearts, and move objects through the levels.

The real intricacies of Smile + Smile iphone app begin to unfold as the game progresses. At times it becomes real tricky to interact with objects which have a character of their own and have to be managed through the application of real world physical laws and the player’s own intelligence. For a happy ending, a bridge must be made between the two smiles and unite this romantic couple. A list of the most popular features of Smile + Smile app is given below:



  • The Smile + Smile app, version 1.01 is compatible with both iphone and iPads. It is supported by iphone 3, 4, 4S and optimized for iphone 5. It can be downloaded and played on iPod Touch and iPads too.
  • This free app occupies 33.5 MB of phone space and has been developed by Hooligans Entertainment LLP.
  • The app forces players to apply the laws of physics to the game challenges.
  • The game itself is based on a sweetly sensitive topic and requires players to plan and deal with game characters with a touch of gracefulness.
  • There are both fixed and mobile objects that have to be moved. All have distinct features and every single pixel of these characters is crucial to completing each level.

  • The game has more than 25 levels. However gamers can purchase more than 60 levels with increasing difficulty and complex strategies.
  • The game app boasts of high definition and colorful game face. A smart scorecard makes the game more stylish.
  • The simple user interface of the app makes it ideal for both amateur and pro gamers.
  • One of the most endearing features of the Smile + Smile app is the inclusion of charming background music, pretty game sounds and alerts.
  • The app is integrated with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter where players can show off their points and compete with one another.

Summary: The iphone game app, Smile + Smile, is meant for players aged 4 and up. Due to its fun twists and intelligent challenges both parents and children will enjoy their game time together. Although the theme and look is childish, the levels are tough enough to keep older players riveted to the very end every time they begin their quest to unite this loving couple of smiles.

Good: The game app tests a player’s skill in quick thinking. Coupled with cute cartoon graphics, the Smile + Smile app for iphone comes with all previous minor bugs repaired in the current version.

Bad: The story might at times appeal only to younger players.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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