Are you a fitness freak? Do you love to lose some weight and want to fit in your favorite clothes? Looking to gain some muscle weight? Want to transform yourself? Whatever might be your motto, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home. Yes, the app Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts is definitely for you.

Given by the seller Madbarz Group Kft, Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts is one complete app for anyone who wishes to exercise every day or lose fat or gain muscles. It helps you to completely transform your body from anywhere and at any time. Having been used by over 1 million people, the app is a complete and effective solution for your daily workouts. People can make use of this app according to their requirements. You can do anything like choosing the timing you want to do, making use of videos to practice, train targeted muscles, etc.

Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts provides the users with all the guidance they require to finish the exercises properly. All of these were crafted perfectly by fitness experts. It assists you in creating your personalized custom plans where users will be able to make different workout plans with a timer and  target specific muscles of the body. It provides users with 14 rules that help in achieving their transformation faster.

It provides you with the insights on top 5 exercises of the day and users will be able to track the progress of their daily workouts as they start exercising as per the plan. The app provides the users with a graph that tells them about the calories burned, the number of workouts done, the repetitions, and dedication. This lets users stay motivated as they take their first step towards transformation.

Madbarz – Bodyweight Workouts has a plethora of features that help users to do quick and easy workouts to keep their body moving and feel energized all day. Apart from this, the app has so many additional features like motivational/inspirational quotes that are amazing and they keep you energized The best part about the app is that it provides its users with nutrition tips and best practices as well. Yes, it has recipes for different categories like breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, snacks & treats. It has a food diet based on healthy meals that aid users in building muscles or losing fat.

When you have any queries, you can write to the team at The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and is completely free to download. The premium versions of the app comes with in-app purchases at different prices.

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