Mobile phone games are always fun and specifically puzzle block games as one gets to build a block of your choice. This concept, however, is not the one in Rollrollroll. This a yet to be released mobile game that is highly unique. Reason being it does employ similar methods in the usual block games that include pilling and fitting. What makes it different?


Unlike the standard block games, in this game the user rotates the blocks to be able to come up with the rightful design that will allow movement into the next level .rotating may sound complicated but it makes the game more interesting as one uses their fingers through touching to rotate the blocks making sure they fit so as to move into the next stage. In addition to that, the game is highly involving and challenging as the user uses their physics knowledge to be able to creatively move to the next level.

2. Features:

The game is specifically operated exclusively through IOS operating system making it available to all devices that run using this operating system. Moreover, it features 7 stages inclusive of 140+ puzzles that differ from each other making it adventurous and line with that, Rotation of the blocks is also another innovative aspect of this mobile game which makes it different from games of the kind. It also features a whole new range of gimmicks that include teleport, water, elevator and pipe that are beautifully designed making it appealing. Which gives the player a whole new experience in innovative challenges to magical wonderland by slipping, hanging, flying all at different angles either as overturning, crossing or falling.


The game has no age boundary. As all ages can play this game, the reason being it is easy to learn as one continuously tries to get to the next level. The fact that, the control is in the hands of the player through the manual control that is self-explanatory, the player can get the character to jump, move, rotate the block or simply zooming in or out the screen for visibility purposes.


Apart from how beautifully the puzzle is designed, it has an intriguing story that is quite involving to the player. Through the flying, falling, overturning, crossing, slipping all at different angles and traversing the magical wonderland through the adventurous challenges. The player is made to be part of this adventure thereby creating a whole new gaming experience.

The fact that puzzle provides for the innovative, creative features that include adventurous challenges, the creative story behind the puzzle, creating a whole new experience for gamer through the story, a whole lot of 140+ challenges that are beautifully designed. The App is limited to only the IOS yet there maybe players who can only get access to Android operating systems. In addition to its limitation is the fact that, the only movement allowed are on using touch yet there are other gaming options that permit the use of other body parts like eyes. It up to you to choose what pleases the eye.