Have you made use of photo and video editors before? Yes, we all might have. These editors help us modify the gallery the way we desire. We can add any customization to the effects we use like add frames, crop, rotate, adjust video length and do a lot more. When we have used all these features and we need some new app that could take the photo and video editing to the next level, we have WorldGraffiti.  

Given by Dario Caric, WorldGraffiti belongs to the Photo and Video category in the App Store. Designed exclusively for iOS users, WorldGraffiti comes with so many unique features that allow users to secure the photos and videos that are uploaded from a particular location. It helps you create wonderful memories both for yourself and the public. Users can go back in time and get their memories revived of the places they visited so far. Other people will be able to see how it looked at the time of the year. 

There are four filters in the app that can be used with one for each season summer, winter, spring or autumn. It allows you to see how a particular place looks in summer, winter, spring or autumn. There is also a filter by custom dates for more precise needs. The menu items in the app are so useful that helps you make the necessary editions possible. 

The app is so easy to use and comes with a simple and neat interface. WorldGraffiti gives 2 months as a grace period and so once you subscribe, you can use it for a total of 5 months. WorldGraffiti comes with a subscription as the company uses a database to store your photos and videos. Users are free to cancel the app’s subscription whenever they find it not useful. The premium set of in-app purchase comes for a price of 15.99 kn.

The team takes your privacy seriously and you don’t need to fear your data being sold to third parties. Any of our important links are not linked to any social media. The app guarantees a lot of fun as you post photos and videos of the places you visited. 

WorldGraffiti is a free app that requires iOS 14.1 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. It is available in English and is suitable for all those above 4 years of age. 

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