Can you imagine an application that is only built & designed for youth. An app that thinks like youth, has all desires of being updated to new fashion, new music and web series like youth. Don’t search it any where because you can find it easily on the apple app store. The app is entitled YUGENCREATIONS. As it’s creator indicate that its an app designed by youth for the youth and by looking at its features, i certainly agree. This app renders you the new music trends, latest fashion drift, radio interview, your favourite web series and much more. But the plus point is that you get all this categorised by region across the world. It truly merges cultural diversity and global entertainment.The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. The latest version of the app, launched on 14th April 2017, requires iOS 9.0 or later version for the installation. The latest updates have further enhanced the features and performance of the app. Lets dive deep into the features of the app.


The app provides the latest news as per the regions across the world. It lets you stroll through cities like New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago and many more. It provides live radio interviews of famous people and also engrosses you in the field of entertainment by providing you the inventory of the best web series available in the field. The new concept that this app is having, which is not seen in other apps, is that it provides user an unique option to share their ideas, share their imaginations with their peers. Now that’s i call a social society being created where your work and ideas gets all the attention & shine it deserves. One more interesting thing that i have seen after the update is that the app lets you enjoy the live glimpses of the cultural events going across the streets of different cities, of which you just had read in the newspapers till now. One more little but a compelling feature is that the app grants giveaway to its users.In short the app provides you new content on daily basis, news related to fashion, music, radio interviews, video logs, street wears, podcasts, by region and idea submissions.


The welcome page of the app looks a little depressing in comparison to the facilities provided. The welcome page displays a list of functionalities or the target pages like My Favourites, Channels, Submissions, ERA Radio, Setting etc, but the way they are displayed i.e. the font size, the colour, the background could be much better. Being a technical person, a slight glitch that i found in this app is that whatever setting you set and save come to effect after the app restart and after reboot of the phone, many a times the saved settings gets changed.

Final Verdict

Overall performance of the app is exceptional. Everything is been applied in appropriate proportion as required – neither a pinch more nor less. Just need to work on the design & display part. So my final call for this app would be….Yes, a definite yes.

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