When I was fiddling my phone in the play store to find some constructive apps to learn something i came across this app Learn German for beginners just like everyone i installed the application to check if the app works fine or not. Just in the first day i learnt the Alphabet and it was easy to learn  German and i bookmarked this app and left it in the home page.

Why should you Learn German?

To increases your job opportunities Knowledge of German is very important  in your own country and abroad. There are lots of job opportunities in India in different fields like medicine and healthcare, education, logistics, automobile, power and utility, mass media, entertainment, tourism, information technology, financial services, outsourcing, etc

English and German language are similar in a way that they share the Germanic root. Additionally, thousands of German and English words are closely related.

There is an increasing demand for German translators, proofreaders, trainers, content writers, and interpreters, as a number of international businesses have set up their offices in India where they look for fluent speakers. So, your job opportunities increase.

About the application Learn German

Learn German is designed by the experts for the beginners and intermediate German speaker this App is the right choice.

Why Learn French for Beginner?

  • 100% Free German Learning
  • 100% Offline
  •  No Account Needed, No Sign In, No Sign Up
  •  You will learn German from Scratch, No prior knowledge of French needed.
  •  Free French Translator Included. Translate anything, anywhere, whenever you want.
  • 10,000+ French Vocabulary
  •  Fun and effective game like lessons.
  • Presently With Free French Translator

What does this Learn German app contains

1. Lessons,

2. Courses,                                                  

3. Audio,

4. Activities and

5. Quizzes.

6. French Alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, parts of speeches, grammar and many more

The App is divided in several classes as described below.

Class 1: Basics Contains Following Topics
German Alphabets, Alphabets Quiz,Vowels Theory, Vowels Pronunciation, Numbers Theory,German Numbers Audio,  Numbers Quiz,Noun,Pronoun,Verb,Adjective, Adverb, Preposition,Conjunction, Body Parts,Fruits and Vegetables,Colors,Family Members,Clothes, Profession, Personality,Shops and Places,Frequently Used German Words,Sets of Vocabulary

Class 2: Greetings
Study List,Slide Show,English to German Reading Quiz,German to English Reading Quiz,English to German Listening Quiz,German to English Listening Quiz

Class 3: Polite Expressions
Class 4 : Praise
Class 5: Days, Months and Seasons
Class 6 : Climate
Class 7 : Time
Class 8 : Common Questions
Class 9 : Directions
Class 10 : Instructions
Class 11 : Health and Safety
Class 12 : Shifts and Pay
Class 13 : Around the Office
Class 14 : Animals
Class 15 : Tools and Equipment
Class 16 : Measurement
Class 17 : People
Class 18 : Crops and Plants
Class 19 : Holidays and Sympathies
Class 20 : Agriculture
Class 21 : Food and Drink
Class 22 : Love
Class 23 : Physical Appearance
Class 24 : Conversation Starters
Class 25 : Internet Terms
Class 26 : House

Download from the App store and Google play store.

Final verdict, If you have to pick a tremendously valuable language to learn, German will stand at the forefront. It has tremendous benefits of learning this language in this app. This app is extremely easy to learn and it is versatile and learning German helps with a wide range of aspects in life.