Whenever you are too far away from your loved ones, the boundaries do come between the relations; especially the international boundaries. But nothing hurts more than the high call rates charged for international calls. Neither can you start using your previous number under roaming nor it is easy to get a new number very soon. Then back at your motherland, your parents are always worrying about you and the fear of “no information” scares them the most. That’s how came the idea of international calling cards which promised a solution but it was more like a “one time enjoyment”. So, the original problem still existed as everyone felt alien in other country due to this more than any other reason. But nowadays, there are many internet operated solutions available such as Google talk, Facebook chat, etc. But why to switch to the other road, when we can use the same traditional one?


I am talking about the new iOS app, Yeloworld that has been developed by RBN B.V. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or later version of the OS. If you have used the mobile version of Skype, it’ll take you seconds to get familiar with this app. All you need to do is install this app in your Smartphone and buy some credits and that’s enough. No more shackles to be broken and you’re ready to go out in the park and take a long walk while talking to your friends and families in your home country.


The biggest benefit of using Yeloworld is that the phone you are calling shouldn’t necessarily be having an internet connection. In fact, it isn’t required to be a Smartphone even and can be any normal phone found in this world. Moreover, the app supports over 200 countries so it’s very rare that you don’t fall in that circle.

The app automatically syncs all your contacts and therefore there is no need to copy them all one by one to be available for calling. Just call any number using Yelo and after each call, you’ll be shown remaining balance as well so you may never run out of credits by mistake. The UI of the app is very intuitive and as simple as making a normal call. Talking about the call rates, they are very much close to that of Skype and may be even less in some areas.


Though the app is available for free in the App Store, you must need to buy some credits to call a phone via in-app purchases. The different plans are 6.00€ for $6.99, 15.00€ for $16.99, etc. Though these plans are well and good, there could be some additional plans such as unlimited calling in a country for a fixed value or something like that. So, the app is very good but the competition is also neck to neck.

Pros: intuitive UI; low call rates; support over 200 countries; free.

Cons: plans could be more attractive and diversified.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download the App Here