I am head of facilities at a large hospital and I want to say that ARC Facilities is great. We were looking for a way to make our facility information more accessible and the app has helped us do just that. It’s easy to use, it’s simple, and it does everything we need it to do… I would highly recommend checking this out if you’re in the market for an app like ours!

The ARC Facilities app is a comprehensive mobile solution that allows you to manage your facilities from anywhere. It provides instant access to your critical facilities information right from your mobile device.

The ARC Facilities app is an indispensable tool for facility and property managers, owners and directors, engineers, architects, contractors and other professionals in the field of construction.


• Clickable maps quickly locate equipment

• Powerful search with custom tagging and filtering

• QR codes instantly locate equipment information

• Hyperlinked smart navigation of your documents

• Markup tools allow detailed, visual annotations

• Share marked-up files right from your mobile device

• Online & offline access ensures connection to critical documents, even without internet

• Cloud sync keeps all your devices and team members on the same page

• Secure, online document management in the cloud keeps your important information safe

The ARC Facilities app provides instant access to your critical facilities information right from your mobile device. Technicians can quickly access As-Builts, shutoffs, equipment locations, maintenance records, O&Ms, safety information, and other important documents with just a few taps. Mobile access from the field enables technicians to respond immediately to any situation and saves hours of lost productivity looking for information.

ARC Facilities modules may be purchased individually or in any combination. Expansions to current modules or activation of additional modules are available at any time.

ARC Buildings

Quickly locate As-Builts or shutoffs with just a few taps. Visualize the relationship of As-Builts over time with our proprietary As-Builts Map View screen. A layered floorplan view makes it easy to determine which renovations or projects affected each room or space in the building. Simply tap a colour-coordinated area to bring up the corresponding As-Built in seconds. Easily locate shutoffs for any building or floor with clickable maps.

ARC Equipment

While some other systems notify you of what needs to be fixed, they don’t show you where the equipment is located or how to fix it. With ARC Equipment, teams can use a mobile app to work remotely and quickly locate equipment and the information required to maintain or repair it. Scanning a QR code instantly loads everything the technician needs including O&Ms, service records, pictures, training resources, shutoff procedures, and more.

ARC Emergency

Emergencies develop suddenly and escalate quickly. Instant access to the critical building, life safety, and equipment information can minimize damage and protect lives. Safely resolving emergencies requires clear communication and coordinated actions. Use your phone or tablet to annotate maps and plans – highlighting the exact incident location. Share via text message or email to ensure everyone is working from the same data.

Take Away

ARC Facilities is the most useful app in my opinion. This has made my job so much easier because I can access anything and everything I need to know about our facilities from anywhere and at any time. The app does not have any bugs whatsoever and is very user-friendly with sign-in information for every field service professional, making it easy for me to get what I need to be done.