Ginger Run at first sight is a very cute and original game based on competitive sports and a ginger bread man. Created by Oleg Kapitonov, the game promises hours of fun for you or your family with its innovative idea of Gingerbread men racing to achieve top finishing and collect medals. At the start of the game, it would prompt you to choose the country which you would be competing for in the game. It does not have to be your country of residence or birth so you would have free reign on that part. There would be inter-country and cross-country competitions in the game as well, to pit your skills against people from other countries.

The games’ graphics are also stunning and exquisite where all the details of the gingerbread man, the background and even the menu are carefully designed with a high attention to detail. The game itself is also very delightful and the instructions a breeze to follow through. There would be two buttons on the bottom side of your device and you would have to tap those 2 buttons in succession in order for your gingerbread man to move each leg. You can move either very fast or very slow, all depending on the speed and rhythm of your fingers and the upgrades you bought. You can also jump by swiping up in the game to collect more coins which is the currency of the game for you to upgrade your gingerbread man and to avoid nasty obstacles which can slow you down. Through each stage, there would be achievements and medals for you to collect; ensuring that the competitive edge inside you does not dull. You would be able to use the coins to purchase items or decorations on your gingerbread man such as the duster, which would help you, collect the bonuses in each stage. You can dress the gingerbread man with decorations like a bread watch or a football helmet; the options are limitless.

The integration of social media is also another thing that is worthy of praise in this already amazing title. You can tell your friends on Facebook that you had accomplished a certain milestone, or tweet to your close friends that you have completed a certain level.  Ginger Run uses Game Center to track your progress as well.

However, as with every game that I review, there are elements that I consider undesirable. A player might feel that their fingers are achy after a prolonged time of playing, especially if that particular mission requires the player’s gingerbread man to cover long distances. The game would also lag if you play it too long, making the game harder to play. Also, a new player would not be able to get into the hang of the rhythm of tapping the 2 buttons; it might take them some time to get used to it.

As a seasoned iPhone App gamer, I look for much in my apps; Ginger Run is one of those which catch my eyes despite some of its flaws.


–          Beautiful Graphics and Music

–          Responsive User Interface

–          Many Hours of Entertainment

–          Compete against your friends for top score


–          Fingers might ache after long game play

–          Might lag if too much time is spent on it.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here