The iPhone is not just a device to make calls, text, enjoy movies/music or to connect your friends over social media sites. But by having a number of good applications, your iPhone device could become an effective writing or blogging machine. The number of iPhone applications could help you at various aspect of writing or blogging. These include research, brainstorming, monitoring your blogging/writing tasks and even writing to a great extent using your iPhone devices. Hence these iPhone applications help the blogger or writer in producing high quality posts thus driving more amounts of traffic towards their blogs. The following are the top seven iPhone applications best suited for writers and bloggers.

1). iA Writer

This application is meant for iPhone and other iOS based device users, which gives you a neat interface without any distraction. It is among the best applications from Apple which is focused for writers in App Store. iA Writer helps you keep your hands over the keyboard and your mind over the content. The number of features in this application has helped countless journalists, bestselling authors and students to a great extent. It helps you in formatting and editing work, while it also helps the users to sync all their documents with Dropbox. It is available at a meager cost of 0.99 dollar for iPhone and iPad devices, while for Mac devices you can find it at 4.99 dollars.

2). iBlogger

If you are interested to remain in touch with some of your blogger using friends and checking a number of reviews then consider using iBlogger. It is among the most popular application for bloggers and considered as highly rated. Using this application, you can cleanly handle all your important blogging tasks including, writing, editing, pictures posting, etc. One of the vital features of this application is that you could view and edit around 11 posts together from your blog along with seeing them with your browser Safari. In this way, it helps you in reviewing different posts at one go. The other important feature of iBlogger is that it is compatible to multiple blogging engines, which certainly includes WordPress. It is a perfect solution for bloggers who manage multiple blogs.

3). Pages

This application is another useful tool for writers from Apple, which could be bought at 9.99 dollars. Pages simply helps you in creating a number of beautiful letters, flyers, reports, etc. over your iPhone and other iOS based devices. The writers simply appreciate Pages for giving them multi touch features and the dictation tools. You can carry out some high end formatting within your documents and easily access different fonts and rulers.

4). PlainText

It is a best application for minimalists. PlainText could be called as simple, nifty and uncluttered text editor for a paper like user interface. It helps the writers and bloggers to create and organize their number of documents in folders very neatly along with synching with Dropbox. You also enjoy bare bones editing features, which helps you in remaining organized at your workplace. It comes with no cost for iPhone and iPad users.

5). Pocket

This is among the best application for researching different topics for your blogging or writing tasks. So, before you head to write any article, Pocket helps you in finding useful data and information to write quality articles for your blog. It helps you in saving the content from different sites on the web in a suitable reader that you can easily access through your iPhone or iPad or from any web browser from your PC. It links simply by emailing the research work by either using a bookmarlet or browser extension. Then it simply adds labels that allow organizing your research stuffs in proper categories. It is available for free.

6). Byword

It is among the simple and handy text editor which is fit for the minimalists. Byword simply supports Markdown and rick text, which it later converts and publishes over different blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Tubblr. This handy application helps you in formatting the text, count characters, use different shortcuts and look at different post previews before it finally gets published. Lastly, Byword helps you synching everything with Dropbox and iCloud. For iPhone users it is available at 2.99 dollars, whereas for Mac it comes at 9.99 dollars.

7). Poster

This application is among the highly popular tools for writers and bloggers. It is being applauded the most for integrating WordPress in its interface. Poster supports, custom fields, pages, post formats and a number of other WordPress tools. Also, you could easily upload different pictures and manage multiple number of blogs (up to five blogs) using this application. It could be purchased at a cost of 3.99 dollars for iPhone and iPad devices.

Final Word

So, if you are into blogging and writing domain, you have a number of iPhone applications to help you in these tasks. Some help you in researching for your different blog topics, while helps you in the writing and editing tasks.

About The Author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to SEO Morpheus.