Woofy is a social media management tool that helps you manage your social media accounts in an easy and efficient manner.  The app is designed for business professionals who wish to manage their business and establish their brands among the target audience. With Woofy, you will be able to carry out even your complicated insights with the help of the easily digestible format and color-coded design.

Woofy’s Notable Features:

  • With Woofy, you have everything under one roof. The app brings all your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles into one dashboard for easy access.
  • The app has an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that helps you to track all the content you are posting and gives you relevant suggestions. With this, you can find content or create new ones on your own.
  • The compliance marketing engine of Woofy helps you eliminate content that is redundant and it enables you to post fresh content every time.
  • Woofy discovers and generates unlimited content easily from different URL’s, RSS feeds, and other sources so as to relieve you from the menial work.
  • The voice assist feature, an innovative development of the team allows you to start campaigns with your own voice.
  • It works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and enables you to complete the posts on social media automatically and also pick different emojis and hashtags.  
  • Woofy handles all the scheduling work for you and it ensures that you are always in advance.
  • You can execute your campaign schedules by collaborating with the team members. They are very flexible and they help you to keep your campaigns more alive. You will be able to give permissions, receive feedback and then share it with your client

Woofy is the most powerful marketing platform ever. It comes with a free plan with fewer benefits. There are three paid plans that help you manage your social media activity. The monthly plan is available at $49 per month. Half yearly and annual plans come at $44.10 per month and $41.65 per month respectively. Woofy, Inc. has also released a productivity app named Woofy Scheduler for all the iPhone users and it is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later versions. In short, Woofy is like an exoskeleton for clients to carry out their marketing efforts. The creative power of Woofy, backed by its simple interface, optimised AI and maximum usability of budget makes it stand out from other marketing tools in store. This application is the complete solution to all your social media marketing needs and you will see the incredible results for yourself very soon.

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