There are so many apps out there which have replaced real-life connections. We’ve grown more comfortable talking from behind a screen rather than in real-life. Bthere, available to download on Google Play and iOS, is here to take us back to the good ol’ days when we used to hang around with our friends. In person.

The app is win-win. It has a ton of awesome group messaging features (send GIFs, images, reactions etc) but it rewards you for spending real time around your friends, too. You create a “circle” – these can be permanent or temporary, 24-hour ones – and, using passive location tracking, the app knows when you and your circle are hanging out. You’ll earn coins which you can spend on exclusive bthere swag and get big discounts with their brand partners. They’ve partnered with some huge brands including ASOS, Bumble, Bird, FabFitFun, Postmates and more – the list Is always growing!

The app has great safety features, too. If you and your friends or family are going on vacation or attending a crowded event, you’ll be able to track where everybody is, reducing the chance that somebody will get lost. What’s more you can keep an eye on your circle’s battery levels and hit the SOS button if you find yourself in an emergency – it’ll alert all members of a specific circle that you need urgent assistance.

And we all like to think we have the best group of friends. Bthere gives you a chance to prove it! They have leaderboards showing the highest scoring daily, weekly and all-time circles, running competitions & giveaways to reward circles who hang out more.

So whether you’re in the market for a new, feature-packed group messaging app or you’re heading off somewhere with your friends and want to make sure your group is safe, bthere is the ideal app. Check it out now on Google Play and iOS!