Ramboat is a fantastic IOS game that is similar to the endless runner game known as JetPack Joyride. If you liked Jetpack joyride, then this game is going to blow off your mind.

Ramboat Game description.

Ramboat is a new exciting game that is very similar to the famous Jet Pack Joyride. The game allows you to control a virtual character known as mambo as he takes part in a crazy adventure that involves jumping and diving so as to avoid obstacles. The obstacles are many, and they include enemy fire, paratroopers, and even rocket launchers. The game is very simple to play and yet very addictive.


How to play the game.

Playing the game is simple enough. You just need to control mambo and make sure that he does not hit obstacles or get killed by the enemy fire. To do this, you have to make him jump and dive to avoid rockets, paratroopers, fire and other obstacles. The game is crazy and filled with adrenaline. The colorful cast of the characters makes this Wild Whitewater adventure game even more attractive.

Features of the Ramboat IOS game.

-Arcade style- The classic arcade style game setting is very exciting with many fantastic and original twists. This makes the game very exciting and unpredictable.

-Excellent characters- The game features eight amazing characters with ten fun vehicles complete with ten dangerous weapons to choose from. This gives the game a lot of versatility as you will never run out of characters, weapons and vehicles to choose from. Because of this, you will never get bored while playing this fantastic game. The game even lets you do the unthinkable! Like racing across the river against an hippopotamus.

-New environments as you play- The game as a very neat feature that allows the player to discover new environments and even scenarios as the continue with their gameplay. This helps eliminate the monopoly of playing the game by making the experience unpredictable.

-Military ranking- The game features a cool functionality known as the military ranking. The player can win bonuses and increase his military rank as he plays and completes each mission. There are 84 missions to complete in the game.
-Poker Mini games- The game also features mini poker games that will let you multiply your winnings as you play the five card draws. By playing the mini poker games, you can unlock new excellent features.

-Facebook Share- The game allows you to watch your amazing game replays and share the statistics of your game play with your Facebook friends.

This game is very exciting and promises to offer jetpack a run for its money. The wonderful features ensure that you will never get bored while playing the game. The military ranking system will motivate you to play harder so that you can get featured on the military leaders board. The wide variety of characters, vehicles, and weapons will certainly keep you hooked to your device.
The game is compatible with the majority of IOS devices. You can play it from your iPod, iPad or even iPhone

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