The goal of this game is to connect starting and ending piece of a puzzle while avoiding some obstacles. There are over 120 levels in this game, and every level is harder than the previous. The key is to use logical thinking to connect the puzzle and move on to the next level.


So let’s get started.

When you open up the game, the first thing that appears is the start screen. The start screen is designed as the game itself, which is pretty nice. The start screen includes game’s features like: Start Game, Continue At (the level you last played at), Game Configuration and (fast) Tutorial.

Start Game feature starts the game for you. When you click on this feature, the game initializes. You have 60 seconds to solve the puzzle. You must move the pieces of a puzzle in order to fit them, you can rotate them (but keep in mind that every rotation takes 1 second from you), and you can move them by dragging and dropping them. The key is to fit the puzzle and hit the “check” button within the 60 seconds in order to finish the game. The gameplay gives you the feeling of playing an actual board game, which is pretty neat. There is also a really catchy tune playing in the background. You have the option of changing the tune in the pause menu, and there are currently 5 different tracks you can play.


Continue At feature allows you to continue the game on the last level you played at.

Game Configuration, or Config feature allows you to set up the game as you would like. You can clear you game memory, choose to not play the music in the background, adjust the screen zoom to fit your needs, or see the credits.

The Tutorial feature is the feature we highly recommend going over prior to playing the game, because the player might have a tough time figuring out the game at start. It is an interactive feature which guides you trough the gameplay, explaining the in-game features for you.


Let’s see this game’s pros and cons:


  • Really nice design
  • Engages the user in logical thinking
  • Starts easy and then graduates to harder level, letting the user improve with each level
  • The Tutorial is really easy to follow and really explains the game for the user, plus it is totally interactive
  • The background music is slow and catchy, it doesn’t bother the user


  • The game might be confusing if the user doesn’t go over the tutorial prior to playing
  • The game works a bit slower with some slightly older devices

All in all, this is one pretty neat game. It is highly addictive, and it engages the user to think, thus helping your brain to stay sharp.

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