When you are planning to celebrate any event, say a birthday, a promotion, a house-warming ceremony or a graduation, you would always want to end it up with a gift. Giving someone close to our heart is always special and we approach different means to do so. What if we are far away from the person whom we want to send a gift? We have a solution for this with this ultimate tiny surprise and that is GiftYa.

GiftYa is an online platform that allows users to send gift cards anywhere across the U.S. You can now get GiftYa for free for iOS and Android devices. It simplifies the herculean task of sending gifts to your loved ones who live far away. Wondering how it could be that simple. Then, download the app for yourself and just give it a try.

All it takes is just the time you spend for a selfie. Just download GiftYa and enter the recipient to whom you want to send the gift. Select from the varied merchants available across the country. A gift need not always be a doll, a book or other showpiece. GiftYa allows you to even select any coffee shop, a restaurant or a salon or whatsoever that is located in the U.S.

GiftYa syncs up with the contacts on your phone and it lets you pick one to send the gift. The app allows you to fetch the photos or videos from the gallery and adds a personal touch to the gift that you send to your loved ones. It is much appreciated by the billions of users for its quick and efficient process. The app also adds a wrapper to the gift and this is the part that I like more about GiftYa.

Once you select the merchant, just enter the amount that you want to send to that person as a gift. Once the person receives the GiftYa, all that he needs to do is to link it up with his own card. Finally, the recipient will be able to make use of the amount completely present in the GiftYa by dealing with the merchant. This kind of gift makes sure that the person has completely utilized the gift you had sent to him and you need not fear about the gift being lost, stolen or forgotten. In some cases, the gift cards are given as a gift to some other person. GiftYa ensures that it doesn’t happen.

GiftYa is so cool and handy when it comes for a sweet surprise to your loved ones. Download the app and see for yourself, how convenient, easy and fast gifting has become and that too with a much personal touch. 

Worth Having app – Download the App